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Lighting Devices

Lighting Devices

In today's world, there is a large number of lighting types that may be in opperation near Amateur Radio stations. Some, such as incandescent bulbs, have a long history of not causing interference to radio services.  They are, however, not very efficient and in today's world, concerns about global warming and decreating energy supplies are resulting in the proliferation of other, more efficent lighting devices.  Some of these other technolgies are not so benign and the disadvantage that may come along with the improved efficienty could be increased radio noise and possible interference.

Lighting Types


Light Bulbs and RFI — A Closer Look.  New high efficiency light bulbs put out plenty of light, but hams wonder what else, by Mike Gruber, W1MG.  QST October 2013, p 42.
Locating RF Interference at HF.  A proven and practical approach to dealing with RFI from grow lights and more, by Tom Thompson, W0IVJ.  QST November 2014, p 33.


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