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Projects for the Ham Shack


Next to antennas, the most popular projects for hams are accessories for the ham shack.  Whether you are a beginner building their first project or an old timer picking up the soldering iron for the first time in many years, one of these projects may be the perfect weekend project.


Paul Follini VE1CZX describes how to use common wall-toggle switches for RF in the August 1986 QST, pages 25-27.

An Inexpensive Amplified Boom/Headset Mike 
The ARRL Handbook, 1999, pp. 22.29 -- 22.30

A PTT Repeater Box You Can Build
QST August 1998, pp. 60-62
A handy switch box to connect your microphone to key several circuits.

A Simple Microphone/TNC/SSTV Switch
QST November 1997, pp. 55-57

CW With Your H-T 
QST July 1997, pp. 53-54
Need some on-air code practice? Build this handy device and start your own FM CW "net."
Note: R8 is a 4.7kOhm potentiometer.

Simple RF-Power Measurement
QST June 2001, pp. 38-43
Make power measurements from nanowatts to 100 watts.
Feedback: QST August 2001, p. 76 

An Advanced VHF Wattmeter
QEX May/June 2002, pp. 3-8
A few modifications greatly increase the utility of the Simple RF-Power Measurement QST August 2001. (QEX projects are not necessarily for the beginner)

A Homebrew Regenerative Superheterodyne Receiver
QEX May/June 2002, pp. 26-35
An “old-tech” receiver for 4-15 MHz

The HZX Headphone Adapter
QST September 1998, pp. 67-69
Adapt Lo-Impedance Walkman style headphones to crystal radio work.

A Homebrew Condenser Microphone by Sam Kennedy KT4QW
QST December 2003 p. 28-32.  Additional information on the author's web site.


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