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RF and AF Filters


An RF filter is an electrical circuit configuration (network) designed to have specific characteristics with respect to the transmission or attenuation of various frequencies that may be applied to it.

There are three general types of RF filters:

  • A high-pass filter similarly has a cut-off frequency, above which there is little or no loss in transmission, but below which there is considerable attenuation. Its behavior is the opposite of that of the low-pass filter.
  • A low-pass filter is one that will permit all frequencies below a specified one called the cut-off frequency to be transmitted with little or no loss, but that will attenuate all frequencies above the cut-off frequency. High-pass and low-pass filters can be difficult to construct properly. Whenever possible, many amateurs simply buy them.
  • A band-pass filter is one that will transmit a selected band of frequencies with substantially no loss, but that will attenuate all frequencies either higher or lower than the desired band.


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Sometimes we need a little more output filtering than traditional designs offer. This filter can give you that extra boost.

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Basic filter program
written by William Sabin  that can be run on old computers, once renamed to nrbnpas.bas.

Free Software

PCFILT & S/FILSYN filter design software is now available as a free download from has a collection of filter design programs. Free student versions are available for download.



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