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VHF Projects

QEX and QST articles

 New Super-Regenerative Circuits for Amateur VHF and UHF Experimentation 
QEX September/October, 2000, pp 18-32, plus an author update.  Three circuits cover 38-54 MHz, 118-136 MHz and 88-180 MHz. Add a TV UHF downconverter for 450-910 MHz. 

An Ultra-Simple VHF Receiver for 6 Meters
QST December 1997, pp. 39-41
This receiver uses superregeneration for high sensitivity and low parts count. 

A Low-Loss VHF/UHF Diplexer
QEX Mar/Apr 2002, pp. 47-51
This project lets you use one feedline for both VHF and UHF energy, simultaneously! 

 Low-Loss VHF/UHF Bias Tee
QEX May/June 2002, pp. 52-54
A simple circuit that lets you superimpose DC control voltage onto the transmission line without altering the RF characteristics.



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