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W1AW Bulletins Archive (Satellite)

  • 2023

    2023-01-09 ARLS001 More Amateur Radio Astronauts Head for the International Space Station


  • 2022

    2022-01-12 ARLS002 Eight-Satellite TEVEL Mission to Launch on January 13


    2022-01-12 ARLS001 EASAT-2 and Hades Satellites with FM Repeaters Scheduled for Launch


  • 2021

    2021-12-21 ARLS012 New Chinese Amateur Radio Satellite Could Launch on December 25


    2021-12-21 ARLS011 ISS SSTV Transmission Set for Late December


    2021-11-30 ARLS010 Slow-Scan TV Transmissions from ISS Set for December 1 - 2


    2021-08-02 ARLS009 SSTV Transmissions Scheduled from ISS


    2021-06-21 ARLS008 MIR-SAT1 CubeSat Expected to Deploy from the ISS on June 22


    2021-06-17 ARLS007 Slow-Scan TV Event from International Space Station Set


    2021-06-10 ARLS006 International Space Station to be in Cross-Band Repeater Mode for Field Day


    2021-06-08 ARLS005 RS0ISS Will Transmit Slow-Scan TV Images from the ISS on June 9-10


    2021-03-17 ARLS004 ARISS Ham Station in Columbus Module Is Once Again Operational


    2021-02-16 ARLS003 CAPE-3 CubeSat Launched


    2021-01-29 ARLS002 RadFxSat-2 Satellite Signals Detected, AMSAT Engineering Continues to Assess Status


    2021-01-12 ARLS001 AMSAT/Vanderbilt RadFXSat-2/Fox 1E Set to Launch


  • 2020

    2020-11-04 ARLS010 Neutron-1 CubeSat Scheduled for Deployment on November 5; Other Sats Pending


    2020-10-14 ARLS009 ARRL Comments in Orbital Debris Mitigation Proceeding


    2020-10-05 ARLS008 An ARISS Slow-Scan TV Event from the ISS is Scheduled


    2020-09-29 ARLS007 Chinese Amateur Radio Satellite Launches Delayed


    2020-09-29 ARLS006 Slow-Scan Television Transmissions from ISS Planned


    2020-09-02 ARLS005 First Element of ARISS Next-Generation Radio System Installed and Operating on ISS


    2020-05-15 ARLS004 HuskySat-1 (HO-107) Transponder is Open


    2020-03-10 ARLS003 ARISS Celebrating Successful Launch Carrying Interoperable Radio System to ISS


    2020-02-27 ARLS002 AMSAT Cites Need for Adequate Spectrum in Opposing Deletion of 3.4 GHz Band


    2020-01-28 ARLS001 HuskySat-1 with VHF/UHF Linear Transponder Set to Deploy Soon


  • 2019

    2019-12-26 ARLS006 Commemorative ARISS Slow-Scan TV Transmissions Set


    2019-12-19 ARLS005 China to Launch CAMSAT CAS-6 Satellite on December 20


    2019-06-27 ARLS004 LightSail 2 Launches, Will Transmit CW Beacon


    2019-06-14 ARLS003 Ham Radio Satellites to Deploy from ISS


    2019-02-14 ARLS002 ARISS Plans Do-Over of Slow-Scan TV Transmissions over February 15 - 17 Weekend


    2019-02-13 ARLS001 AO-85 Turned Off due to Return of Eclipse Periods and Poor Battery Condition


  • 2018

    2018-12-11 ARLS010 Jordan's First CubeSat, JY1Sat, is Designated as JO-97


    2018-07-11 ARLS008 CubeSats to Deploy from International Space Station on July 13


    2018-07-11 ARLS009 ARISS-Russia SSTV Transmissions Continue


    2018-06-15 ARLS007 Space Station Digital Amateur Radio TV System Transmitter Determined to be Defective


    2018-05-31 ARLS006 ARISS to Conduct Digital Amateur Radio TV Transmitter Test on June 1


    2018-05-23 ARLS005 Amateur Radio Transponders on Planned Chinese Satellites to Include HF


    2018-05-11 ARLS004 Three CubeSats with Amateur Radio Payloads Deployed from ISS


    2018-01-26 ARLS003 Fox-1D (AO-92) Now Commissioned, Open for Amateur Use


    2018-01-16 ARLS002 Fox-1D Amateur Radio CubeSat Launches Successfully, Now Designated as AO-92


    2018-01-09 ARLS001 Fox-1D Satellite Set to Launch this Week, China to Launch Five New CubeSats


  • 2017

    2017-11-20 ARLS015 RadFxSat (Fox-1B) Launched Successfully, Designated AO-91


    2017-11-16 ARLS014 RadFxSat (Fox-1B) Launch Reset for November 18


    2017-11-15 ARLS013 RadFxSat (Fox-1B) Launch Scrubbed Again, but More Foxes are on the Way!


    2017-11-08 ARLS012 RadFxSat (Fox-1B) Launch Delayed; AMSAT Asks for Patience During Commissioning


    2017-10-20 ARLS011 RadFxSat (Fox-1B) FM Satellite Set to Launch in November


    2017-10-19 ARLS010 Chinese CAS-4A and CAS-4B Amateur Radio Satellite Transponders Activated


    2017-09-26 ARLS009 FalconSAT-3 Now Open for Amateur Radio Use


    2017-07-11 ARLS008 ARISS to Celebrate 20th Anniversary with SSTV Event


    2017-04-15 ARLS007 ISS Packet System is Back on VHF


    2017-02-21 ARLS006 ARISS Opens Window for Proposals to Host Contacts with Space Station Crew


    2017-02-10 ARLS005 Nayif-1 CubeSat with Amateur Radio Transponder Set to Launch on February 15


    2017-02-10 ARLS004 Slow-Scan TV Transmissions from International Space Station Planned


    2017-01-18 ARLS003 Several CubeSats with Amateur Radio Payloads Deployed from ISS


    2017-01-17 ARLS002 RadFxSat (Fox-1B) Launch Moved to Late August


    2017-01-13 ARLS001 ITF-2 CubeSat Set to Deploy from ISS


  • 2016

    2016-12-30 ARLS012 New Amateur Radio FM Transponder CubeSat Now in Space


    2016-12-06 ARLS011 Slow-Scan Television Transmissions Scheduled from ISS


    2016-11-15 ARLS010 EO-79/FUNcube-3 Now Available for Amateur Radio Use


    2016-11-11 ARLS009 Chinese Students' FM Transponder Satellite Launched


    2016-10-21 ARLS008 Apparent ARISS Radio Failure Prompts Shift to Russian Service Module Ham Gear


    2016-10-13 ARLS007 New Satellites with Amateur Radio Payloads Launched, Monitored


    2016-07-05 ARLS006 Two Radio Amateurs Set to Head for the International Space Station


    2016-06-24 ARLS005 India Launches Amateur Radio Satellites


    2016-05-12 ARLS004 Elementary School's SSTV CubeSat Now Set to Deploy from ISS on May 16


    2016-04-11 ARLS003 ARISS Commemorative SSTV Event Set for April 11-14


    2016-02-10 ARLS002 Japanese Satellites Carrying Amateur Radio Payloads to Launch on February 12


    2016-02-01 ARLS001 Satellite Package Carrying Amateur Radio Payloads Released into Orbit from ISS


  • 2015

    2015-11-19 ARLS018 AO-85 Commissioned and Turned Over to AMSAT-NA Operations


    2015-10-09 ARLS017 Fox-1A is Now AO-85, Transponder Temporarily Active!


    2015-09-29 ARLS016 More Chinese Amateur Radio Satellites are Aloft


    2015-09-18 ARLS015 Fox-1C and Fox-1D FM Transponder CubeSats to Share a Ride


    2015-09-17 ARLS014 Chinese Amateur Radio Satellite Launch Now Scheduled for September 18


    2015-08-26 ARLS013 Launch Date Set for AMSAT Fox-1A


    2015-08-24 ARLS012 IARU Reiterates Commitment to Coordinate Satellites Only Within International Band Plans


    2015-07-15 ARLS011 SSTV Images from Space Will Commemorate 40th Apollo-Soyuz Mission Anniversary


    2015-05-29 ARLS010 Hams Invited to Test APRS on Duchifat-1 CubeSat


    2015-05-26 ARLS009 US Naval Academy PSK31 CubeSat Transponders Active


    2015-05-19 ARLS008 Radio Amateur Sworn In as New NASA Deputy Administrator


    2015-04-23 ARLS007 Fox-1C and 1D Satellites to Include L-Band Uplink; Fox-1E to Have Linear Transponder


    2015-04-07 ARLS006 Slow-Scan TV Transmissions from ISS Scheduled for April 11


    2015-03-10 ARLS005 Fox-1A Ready for Launch, Fox-1D to Carry Radiation-Mapping Experiment


    2015-02-20 ARLS004 Spacewalks Will Interrupt ISS Amateur Radio SSTV, School Contact Schedules


    2015-02-19 ARLS003 Slow-Scan Television Transmissions from ISS Set for February 21-23


    2015-02-02 ARLS002 Amateur Radio Payloads Share Ride into Space with Soil Moisture Monitoring Satellite


    2015-01-30 ARLS001 SSTV Transmissions Scheduled from the International Space Station


  • 2014

    2014-12-18 ARLS009 ARTSAT2: DESPATCH Satellite is Now FO-81


    2014-11-20 ARLS008 Two Japanese Satellites Will Carry Ham Radio Payloads into Deep Space this Month


    2014-11-11 ARLS007 AMSAT Celebrates 40 Years in Space for AO-7


    2014-09-02 ARLS005 Amateur Radio Transponder Will Accompany Japanese Asteroid Mission into Deep Space


    2014-09-02 ARLS006 73 on 73 Award Period Now Underway


    2014-08-19 ARLS004 Chasqui-1 Amateur Radio CubeSat Deployed from ISS


    2014-07-22 ARLS003 India's VO-52 Satellite Goes Dark


    2014-02-24 ARLS002 More CubeSats Expected to Deploy from ISS This Week


    2014-02-07 ARLS001 ISS CubeSat Deployment, "Ham Video" Commissioning Postponed


  • 2013

    2013-11-20 ARLS002 FUNcube-1 Team to Gather for November 21 Launch, "Dashboard" Software Released


    2013-10-31 ARLS001 RS0ISS Active on SSTV from International Space Station


  • 2012

    2012-10-05 ARLS005 Space Station Deploys Five CubeSats


    2012-07-12 ARLS004 Three Hams Scheduled to Head to ISS This Weekend


    2012-05-18 ARLS003 Amateurs Asked to Listen for HORYU-2 Satellite


    2012-05-10 ARLS002 Three Hams Venture to ISS Next Week


    2012-04-26 ARLS001 NASA accepting proposals for ARISS contacts


  • 2011

    2011-08-04 ARLS007 ARISSat-1 Finally Deployed from ISS


    2011-04-20 ARLS006 Transatlantic Amateur Radio Balloon Launch


    2011-04-08 ARLS005 ARISSat-1 On the Air for Gagarin Anniversary


    2011-03-16 ARLS004 Hams Invited to Track Satellites


    2011-03-09 ARLS003 Middle School Students to Launch Near-Space Balloon


    2011-01-28 ARLS002 ARISSat-1 Blasts Off


    2011-01-20 ARLS001 NASA Seeks Amateur Radio Operators' Aid to Listen for Nanosatellite's Beacon Signal


  • 2010

    2010-10-14 ARLS001 OSCAR 67 Satellite Active for JOTA


  • 2009

    2009-12-16 ARLS008 First Chinese Amateur Radio Satellite Now in Space


    2009-09-18 ARLS007 South African Amateur Radio Payload Reaches Orbit


    2009-08-26 ARLS006 SuitSat-2 Now Called ARISSat-1


    2009-07-30 ARLS005 Space Shuttle Endeavour to Deploy Student-Built Satellites


    2009-06-02 ARLS004 NASA Releases New Predictions for Solar Cycle 24


    2009-05-12 ARLS003 Scientists Predict Solar Cycle 24 to Peak in 2013


    2009-03-25 ARLS002 Frank Bauer, KA3HDO, Steps Down from ARISS and AMSAT Duties


    2009-03-12 ARLS001 NASA Delays Discovery's Trip to ISS


  • 2008

    2008-12-18 ARLS009 ARISS Finalizes Plans for Silver Anniversary of Amateur Radio from Space


    2008-12-02 ARLS008 ARISS to Celebrate 25 Years of Amateur Radio in Space with Special Events


    2008-10-09 ARLS007 Garriott Gears for Space Journey


    2008-05-29 ARLS006 New Russian Satellite in Orbit


    2008-05-22 ARLS005 New Amateur Radio Satellite Receives OSCAR Designation


    2008-04-28 ARLS004 Ten New Satellites in Orbit


    2008-02-15 ARLS003 Astronauts Work on Columbus Lab on the ISS


    2008-01-23 ARLS002 AO-16 Satellite Serves as Voice Repeater


    2008-01-22 ARLS001 ARISS Team Looking for Ground Stations


  • 2007

    2007-06-04 ARLS003 It's KD5PLA in for KD5PLB on ISS


    2007-04-05 ARLS002 Fifth civilian to visit ISS


    2007-01-09 ARLS001 ANDE and RAFT-1 get OSCAR numbers


  • 2006

    2006-09-19 ARLS008 New two-ham crew, first female civilian visitor on way to ISS


    2006-09-08 ARLS007 SuitSat-1 (AO-54), re-enters Earth's atmosphere


    2006-08-22 ARLS006 ISS crew, ARISS team troubleshooting slow-scan TV system


    2006-07-27 ARLS005 Massive CubeSat launch fails


    2006-06-16 ARLS004 NASA releases ISS North and South America Pass Times for Field Day


    2006-05-04 ARLS003 Three radio amateurs on next ISS crew


    2006-03-27 ARLS002 ISS Expedition 13 two-ham crew set to launch


    2006-02-14 ARLS001 "SuitSat-1" keeps on ticking; low power output eyed


  • 2005

    2005-12-16 ARLS009 ISS commander shooting for WAC, WAC and maybe DXCC from space


    2005-09-29 ARLS008 SSETI Express launch delayed indefinitely


    2005-07-26 ARLS007 Shuttle Discovery launches successfully


    2005-07-25 ARLS006 Amateur Radio on the International Space Station in repeater mode


    2005-06-16 ARLS005 ISS crew could be on the air for Field Day!


    2005-05-05 ARLS004 New Amateur Radio satellite in orbit


    2005-04-18 ARLS003 New all-ham crew now safely aboard ISS


    2005-02-03 ARLS002 ISS, PC-sat set up for joint packet tests


    2005-01-19 ARLS001 Echo satellite reopens for normal FM repeater, digital use


  • 2004

    2004-11-04 ARLS013 Useful life of UO-22 satellite appears over


    2004-08-04 ARLS012 AMSAT-UK announces new amateur satellite project


    2004-07-29 ARLS011 AMSAT "Echo" Satellite to Open for FM Voice Trial Run


    2004-06-29 ARLS010 AMSAT-OSCAR Echo Satellite Launched!


    2004-06-22 ARLS009 Ham gear on ISS to be turned off during space walk


    2004-06-11 ARLS008 AMSAT announces satellite developments


    2004-05-12 ARLS007 Ham radio-carrying rocket hopes to reach space


    2004-04-20 ARLS006 Three Radio Amateurs on their Way to the ISS


    2004-03-11 ARLS005 A glimmer of hope for AO-40


    2004-02-26 ARLS004 UO-11 Satellite to Mark 20 years in Space


    2004-02-04 ARLS003 AO-40 Command Team Plays Waiting Game


    2004-01-29 ARLS002 AO-40 Still Ailing


    2004-01-16 ARLS001 Chiao to Sub for McArthur as Next ISS Commander


  • 2003

    2003-11-21 ARLS016 International Space Station Marks Five Years in Space


    2003-11-13 ARLS015 UO-14 Satellite Declared Dead


    2003-11-12 ARLS014 ARISS Announces Roy Neal, K6DUE, ISS Commemorative Event


    2003-10-17 ARLS013 New two-ham ISS crew set to head into space


    2003-07-25 ARLS012 Two-ham crew named for ISS Expedition 8 crew


    2003-04-25 ARLS011 Two-Ham Crew Set to Fly to International Space Station


    2003-04-01 ARLS010 NASA Selects Expedition 7 Crew


    2003-03-13 ARLS009 Astronaut Fits in Same-Day Chats with Students on Both=20 Sides of Atlantic


    2003-02-26 ARLS008 New Mexico Hams Help with Columbia Debris Search


    2003-02-14 ARLS007 Columbia recovery effort over for Texas hams


    2003-02-12 ARLS006 ISS crew grieves Columbia loss, moves forward


    2003-02-07 ARLS005 ARISS contact delayed


    2003-02-06 ARLS004 Starshine 3 Satellite Falls


    2003-01-30 ARLS003 ARRL comments in support of AMSAT-NA petition


    2003-01-23 ARLS002 AO-27 orbit affecting operating periods


    2003-01-07 ARLS001 New Saudi satellite gets OSCAR designation


  • 2002

    2002-12-03 ARLS007 All-ham, all-male crew settles in onboard space station


    2002-06-25 ARLS006 AMSAT-OSCAR 7 returns to life


    2002-04-17 ARLS005 ARISS Board resolves greater cooperation with Canada


    2002-04-09 ARLS004 SaudiSat 1-A (SO-41) now available for amateur use


    2002-02-21 ARLS003 ARISS packet system to be upgraded soon


    2002-01-15 ARLS002 New Amateur Radio antenna installed in space!


    2002-01-10 ARLS001 New Amateur Radio Antenna to be Installed During Spacewalk


  • 2001

    2001-11-30 ARLS020 Space walk set to fix docking problem


    2001-11-29 ARLS019 AO-40 transponder hiatus looms


    2001-10-01 ARLS018 Kodiak Star launch is a success


    2001-08-29 ARLS017 AO-40 Gives Earthlings Another Scare


    2001-08-17 ARLS016 AO-40 Attitude Control System Appears Functional


    2001-08-14 ARLS015 AO-40 "S1" Transmitter Goes Silent


    2001-08-07 ARLS014 New Amateur Satellite to Link Remote APRS Nodes


    2001-08-03 ARLS013 New ISS Crew to Launch August 9


    2001-07-20 ARLS012 AO-40 Transponders Back on the Air!


    2001-07-11 ARLS011 AO-40 Now in Long-Term, "Safe" Orbit


    2001-05-31 ARLS010 AO-40 transponders off in preparation for orbit shift


    2001-05-08 ARLS009 AO-40 transponder tests a hit!


    2001-05-04 ARLS008 AO-40 transponders to open for experimental operation


    2001-04-27 ARLS007 AO-40 Transponder Operation Possible This Summer


    2001-04-04 ARLS006 AO-40 Spinup Under Way


    2001-03-09 ARLS005 AO-40 Team Starts Slowing Spin Rate


    2001-02-06 ARLS004 AO-40 Future Rests on Reducing Spin, Regaining Attitude Control


    2001-01-16 ARLS003 AO-40 Report Suggests Damage to Antenna Systems


    2001-01-05 ARLS002 AO-40 Could Be Leaking


    2001-01-04 ARLS001 AO-40 Recovery Continues


  • 2000

    2000-12-22 ARLS027 First ARISS school QSO a success!


    2000-12-19 ARLS026 AO-40 still silent


    2000-12-14 ARLS025 AO-40 Beacon Goes Silent


    2000-12-01 ARLS024 ARISS international partners meet


    2000-11-22 ARLS023 Shepherd makes first casual QSOs from ISS


    2000-11-22 ARLS022 Limited AO-40 use possible in near future


    2000-11-16 ARLS021 Phase 3D is In Orbit!


    2000-11-15 ARLS020 W1AW to participate in meteor scatter/APRS experiment


    2000-11-15 ARLS019 Phase 3D Launch Slipped By One Day


    2000-11-13 ARLS018 ISS crew completes installation of Amateur Radio hardware


    2000-11-09 ARLS017 First ARISS school picked


    2000-11-02 ARLS016 Phase 3D Gets Firm Launch Date


    2000-11-01 ARLS015 All-Ham Crew is ISS-Bound


    2000-10-26 ARLS014 Coming soon: First ham operation from ISS


    2000-10-19 ARLS013 Phase 3D Now Set to Launch November 14


    2000-10-11 ARLS012 Phase 3D Launch Delayed


    2000-09-26 ARLS011 Phase 3D Set for Halloween Launch!


    2000-09-15 ARLS010 Phase 3D launch campaign under way


    2000-09-14 ARLS009 AO-27 is back on the air!


    2000-09-08 ARLS008 Atlantis ferrying ARISS ham gear into space


    2000-08-24 ARLS007 AO-27 FM repeater off the air


    2000-08-03 ARLS006 ISS ham gear cleared for takeoff


    2000-07-12 ARLS005 Zvezda module eventually to house ham radio


    2000-06-14 ARLS004 Tentative Phase 3D Launch Date Reset


    2000-03-01 ARLS003 Phase 3D Could Launch in July!


    2000-02-15 ARLS002 StenSat Released But Possibly Malfunctioning


    2000-01-28 ARLS001 Three Amateur Radio Satellites Rocket Into Space


  • 1999

    1999-11-12 ARLS008 W1AW to participate in meteor scatter/APRS experiment


    1999-10-08 ARLS007 Phase 3D Accepted for "First Suitable" Ariane 5 Launch


    1999-08-06 ARLS006 Hams, SWLs invited to monitor eclipse propagation


    1999-07-23 ARLS005 Last shuttle SAREX mission is in space!


    1999-04-22 ARLS004 UoSAT-12 satellite successfully launched


    1999-04-16 ARLS003 Swatch Beats Awkward Retreat: Sputnik Won't Fly


    1999-04-07 ARLS002 ARRL Advises Swatch to Cancel "Beatnik" Launch


    1999-02-26 ARLS001 SUNSAT amateur radio satellite "alive"


  • 1998

    1998-12-15 ARLS016 Sputnik 41/RS-18 QRT


    1998-11-11 ARLS015 Sputnik 41/RS-18 Launched from Mir


    1998-10-27 ARLS014 New amateur satellite package launched


    1998-10-16 ARLS013 Phase 3D satellite to undergo testing


    1998-10-09 ARLS012 Bill Tynan, W3XO, to Step Down as AMSAT-NA President


    1998-08-21 ARLS011 New satellites get OSCAR designations


    1998-06-26 ARLS010 SAREX will not fly on Glenn mission


    1998-06-16 ARLS009 Phase 3D won't fly this year


    1998-05-01 ARLS008 SAREX scrambling to fill Mir-school schedule


    1998-04-09 ARLS007 Mir-school QSOs


    1998-02-27 ARLS005 Thomas completes third Mir-school QSO, others scheduled


    1998-02-27 ARLS006 SAREX to be on John Glenn flight


    1998-02-24 ARLS004 Mir-School QSOs Resume!


    1998-02-18 ARLS003 Four schools scheduled for MIR QSOs


    1998-01-09 ARLS001 Sputnik PS2/RS-17 officially declared dead


    1998-01-09 ARLS002 Mir gets reprieve with next crew to be all hams


  • 1997

    1997-12-31 ARLS037 Sputnik PS2 possibly SK


    1997-12-19 ARLS036 Mir update


    1997-12-12 ARLS035 KC5VPF gets extra time aboard Mir


    1997-11-04 ARLS034 Sputnik PS 2 heard


    1997-10-17 ARLS033 Sputnik model launch update


    1997-10-10 ARLS032 Sputnik model launch delayed


    1997-10-03 ARLS031 Functional Sputnik model set for Mir launch


    1997-09-25 ARLS030 NASA gives KC5VPF the green light for Mir stay


    1997-09-05 ARLS029 Mir ham operations to shift temporarily to 70 cm


    1997-08-14 ARLS027 SAREX team wins award


    1997-08-14 ARLS028 KB5UAC/Mir activity


    1997-07-30 ARLS026 September Phase 3D Launch Doubtful


    1997-07-15 ARLS025 Shuttle contacts PRC


    1997-07-11 ARLS024 KB5UAC grateful for ham radio on Mir


    1997-07-11 ARLS023 SAREX contacts successful


    1997-07-02 ARLS022 Mir back on the air


    1997-06-25 ARLS021 Mir update


    1997-06-25 ARLS020 Mir crew safe after collision


    1997-06-19 ARLS018 Phase 3D delayed


    1997-06-19 ARLS019 Mir frequency test


    1997-06-13 ARLS017 Seventeen schools on STS-94 SAREX schedule


    1997-05-30 ARLS016 Mike Foale, KB5UAC, aboard and active From Mir


    1997-05-15 ARLS015 Ham-astronaut Mike Foale to be active from Mir


    1997-05-08 ARLS014 STS-84 launch May 15


    1997-04-25 ARLS013 STS-83 refly is a "go" for July with SAREX on board


    1997-04-11 ARLS012 SAREX/ARISS attempt to reschedule missed QSOs


    1997-04-02 ARLS011 STS-83 postponed


    1997-03-31 ARLS010 SAREX aboard STS-83; launch set for April 3


    1997-03-27 ARLS009 ATV rocket launches set


    1997-03-25 ARLS008 Phase 3D delayed


    1997-03-21 ARLS007 Mir fire remains "hot" topic during MIREX school contacts


    1997-03-05 ARLS006 RS-16 Satellite In Orbit


    1997-02-28 ARLS005 School contacts a go in wake of Mir fire


    1997-02-28 ARLS004 AMSAT scrambling to close funding gap


    1997-01-31 ARLS003 Permission granted for Linenger to ham it up from Mir


    1997-01-24 ARLS002 Ham-astronauts swap spots aboard Mir


    1997-01-03 ARLS001 MIREX QSOs made with four schools


  • 1996

    1996-12-19 ARLS017 Phase 3D delayed


    1996-11-27 ARLS016 Ham radio on space station


    1996-09-26 ARLS015 SAREX a success


    1996-09-17 ARLS014 Shuttle carries three hams


    1996-09-09 ARLS013 UNAMSAT-B in Orbit


    1996-09-06 ARLS012 Shuttle rescheduled


    1996-08-17 ARLS011 JAS-2 In Orbit


    1996-07-31 ARLS010 Phase 3D update


    1996-07-26 ARLS009 Ariane 501 report


    1996-07-24 ARLS008 STS-79 update


    1996-06-18 ARLS007 STS-78 update


    1996-06-11 ARLS006 Field Day in space?


    1996-06-11 ARLS005 Phase 3-D update


    1996-03-13 ARLS004 Ham radio on STS-76


    1996-02-28 ARLS003 AMSAT segment on tv


    1996-01-26 ARLS002 STS-75 launch date


    1996-01-19 ARLS001 Ham radio power supply aboard Mir fails


  • 1995

    1995-12-30 ARLS028 DOVE OSCAR 17 Fails Again


    1995-12-19 ARLS027 Mir seasons greetings


    1995-12-12 ARLS026 OSCAR 17 link fails


    1995-11-20 ARLS025 Shuttle returns hams


    1995-11-17 ARLS024 Hams Contact Atlantis/Mir Astronauts


    1995-11-15 ARLS023 AMSAT on TV on Friday


    1995-11-10 ARLS022 Next shuttle all licensed


    1995-11-10 ARLS021 Shuttle Countdown Continues


    1995-10-24 ARLS020 More gear for Mir


    1995-10-23 ARLS019 More hams on tv


    1995-10-18 ARLS018 AMSAT filmed for TV show


    1995-10-10 ARLS017 Phase 3-D details set


    1995-10-05 ARLS016 Listen to AMSAT meeting


    1995-10-04 ARLS015 P3D launch set back


    1995-09-27 ARLS014 Crash kills flyer/ham


    1995-09-12 ARLS013 German ham arrives at Mir


    1995-08-23 ARLS012 Amateur radio on Mir


    1995-07-14 ARLS011 Shuttle Astronauts On-The-Air


    1995-07-07 ARLS010 SAREX helps NASA


    1995-06-27 ARLS009 Shuttle carries two hams


    1995-06-22 ARLS008 SAREX launch on Friday


    1995-06-05 ARLS007 SAREX STS-70 postponed


    1995-05-26 ARLS006 SAREX To Fly In June


    1995-04-05 ARLS005 SAREX frequency changes


    1995-01-27 ARLS004 QSOs with STS-63


    1995-01-27 ARLS003 2 more astro-hams


    1995-01-13 ARLS002 RS-15 launch a first


    1995-01-04 ARLS001 New satellite planned



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