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ARRL General Bulletin ARLB027 (1996)

ARLB027 KB5UJD yields ham ticket for life

ARRL Bulletin 27  ARLB027
From ARRL Headquarters
Newington CT  May 3, 1996
To all radio amateurs

ARLB027 KB5UJD yields ham ticket for life

Irvin J. Foret, KB5UJD, of Metairie, Louisiana, whose Technician Plus class
license was suspended by the FCC following allegations of interference to
Amateur Radio operations in the New Orleans area, has reached a settlement
with the FCC to end its proceedings against him. Foret has agreed to
immediately surrender his Amateur Radio license for life and permanently
divest himself of all electronic equipment capable of transmitting on the
ham bands. In addition, Foret has agreed to refrain for life from applying
for any FCC license or permit--regardless of the service, from participating 

as a third party in any communication in the Amateur Radio service and from
transmitting on CB. Foret also agreed to pay 500 dollar(s).

But the core of the agreement was his consent to  cooperate fully and
completely with all government officials in connection with any ongoing or
future administrative or law enforcement investigations  or proceedings
involving ham radio operations by others.

The agreement does not prohibit Foret from engaging in  otherwise lawful
transmissions  over land mobile radio facilities as part of his work.

The Commission s original action came April 5, 1996 after Commission
personnel monitored and documented Foret s transmissions in December 1995
and January 1996. The FCC said some of Foret s transmissions on January 29,
1996,  constituted willful or malicious interference to the transmissions of 

other Amateur Radio stations,  in apparent violation of FCC rules.

During an inspection of his station, the FCC said, Foret  was lacking in
candor and misrepresented material facts  to Commission personnel by stating 

that he did not make the transmissions the Commission observed. The FCC also 

said some of Foret s transmissions were unidentified, included music or were 

obscene or indecent, the alleged indecent transmissions occurring at a time
when there was a reasonable risk that children were in the audience.


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