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ARRL General Bulletin ARLB030 (1998)

ARLB030 LMCC petition opposed

ARRL Bulletin 30  ARLB030
From ARRL Headquarters
Newington CT  May 7, 1998
To all radio amateurs

ARLB030 LMCC petition opposed

The ARRL is organizing opposition to a new threat to the 70-cm
Amateur Radio band. The Land Mobile Communications Council (LMCC)
has asked the FCC to immediately reallocate 420 to 430 MHz and 440
to 450 MHz from the federal government to the Private Mobile Radio
Service (PMRS) on a primary basis. Amateur Radio now enjoys the use
of 420 to 450 MHz on a secondary basis, and the 430 to 440 MHz
segment is an international allocation. The 70-cm band is the second
most popular of the hobby's VHF/UHF allocations, with substantial FM
repeater and other operation in the 440 to 450 MHz segment and a
variety of uses in the 420 to 430 MHz segment.

The LMCC request, based on ''additional spectrum needs of the PMRS
community,'' acknowledges Amateur Radio's use of 420 to 430 and 440
to 450 MHz, and suggests that ham radio applications can remain
secondary to PMRS in those segments, but offers no explanation of
how sharing could be accomplished. The LMCC says it believes the 430
to 440 MHz subband ''is more important to the amateurs for use in
emerging technologies such as links with spacecraft and amateur
television applications.''

The petition also suggests that equipment availability and
technology resulting from an expanded PMRS presence on 70 cm would
benefit hams ''pursuing such applications as compressed video
television in the 430-440 MHz band.'' The LMCC concedes, however,
that its ''most urgent need'' for PMRS is voice and low-speed data
applications, not advanced technologies which might come later on.

The petition also notes that PMRS already uses 420 to 430 MHz in
three Canadian border cities (Buffalo, Cleveland and Detroit) and a
''reduction in military use of this band is foreseen.''

The LMCC also seeks allocations at 1390 to 1400 MHz, 1427-1432 MHz,
and 1670 to 1675 MHz as well as 85 MHz at 960 to 1215 MHz by 2010.

Comments are due on the LMCC's Petition for Rulemaking, RM-9267, by
June 1. Reply comments are due by June 15.


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