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ARRL General Bulletin ARLB066 (1996)

ARLB066 International ops news

ARRL Bulletin 66  ARLB066
From ARRL Headquarters
Newington CT  September 26, 1996
To all radio amateurs

ARLB066 International ops news

The FCC has proposed amending the Amateur Radio rules to make it
easier for hams holding a European Conference of Postal and
Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT) radio-amateur license or
an International Amateur Radio Permit (IARP) from certain countries
in Europe and the Americas to operate during short visits to the US.
If finally approved, hams would be able to operate for short periods
in participating countries without first obtaining another license
or permit from the host country.

The FCC says the arrangement is intended to make it easier for US
hams to operate stations temporarily in several countries in Europe
and Central and South America. Likewise, hams from those countries
would be allowed to operate in stations in places where the FCC
regulates ham radio. ''We believe that US participation in both the
CEPT agreement and the CITEL/Amateur Convention would benefit US
amateur operators who travel to Europe and to the Americas,'' the
FCC said in its discussion of WT Docket 96-188.

Operating authority by CEPT or IARP holders in the US would be for
''up to 180 days within the preceding five years.'' The two classes
of CEPT licenses would correspond either to Amateur Extra or
Technician class. Resident aliens or US citizens could not operate
in the US under a CEPT license or IARP.

Last year, ARRL petitioned the FCC to implement the CITEL/Amateur
Convention. The League also asked the Commission to acknowledge
arrangements to be made between the ARRL and the Department of State
to issue IARP documents to US citizens for use in other CITEL
countries. The FCC has asked the State Department to apply for
participation in the CEPT Agreement as a non-CEPT country and
expects the agreement to be concluded this year.

Comments on the proposal are due December 13, 1996 and reply
comments by January 13, 1997. E-mail comments should mention ''WT
Docket No 96-188'' on the subject line and should be addressed to
mdepont at Include your full name and Postal Service
mailing address in the message text. Mail written comments to:
Office of the Secretary, Federal Communications Commission,
Washington, DC 20554.


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