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ARRL Momobeam Dualband Beam Antenna 6/10

This antenna features a 10 Meter Moxon (28 MHz) and 6 Meter Yagi (50 MHz)

Produced exclusively for ARRL  The National Association for Amateur Radio® by Momobeam


  • Lightweight
  • Mast-mountable
  • Includes extra hardware for fixed and portable use (wing nuts)

Download assembly manual.


Order your ARRL Dual-band Momobeam 6/10 antenna!

Two Antennas in One!

The ARRL Dual-band Momobeam 6/10 Antenna features a 10-meter Moxon (28 MHz) and 6-meter Yagi (50 MHz.)

High Quality Design. The antenna is made of aluminum tables, galvanized steel hardware, UV-resistant POM-C driver insulators amd polypropylene clamps. Assembly is easy, and all tubes are labeled.

1500-watt antenna power rating. The feed system uses an open sleeve feed method, coupling the driven element of the 6-meter section by proximity and length to the 10-meter driven element with minimal loss. This technique contributes to a simple and efficient design for the user. Attach a single coil coaxial cable with a PL-259 connector to the coaxial pigtail using the included SO-239 connector. It's ready to go!

A Moxon on 10 meters. This effective design reduces the traditional Yagi to a size typically 30% smaller and utilizes no traps or other shortening techniques that reduce performance. A Moxon antenna is actually one of a number of configurations that Les Moxon, G6XN (SK), referred to as "two-element close-spaced beams." The Moxon made its QST debut in an article by L.B. Cebik, W4RNL (SK), in which he discussed design parameter variations and their effect on performance. The Moxon has the reputation of being a high-performance antenna with no tradeoffs. It is ideal for the wide bandwidth of 10 meters.

Two sets of hardware included. Install it on a small mast, or a tower, or take it with you for quick assembly and portable use. We included hardware for fixed permanent installations, and a second set of hardware with thumb screws and wingnuts for temporary deployments at your next park activation or ARRL Field Day. At only 10.8 lbs., the beam can be turned by a lightweight TV antenna rotator.

A beam for everyone! This dual-band beam antenna is perfect for new hams, beginners, portable operators, university club stations, and even big stations looking for a lightweight yet robust antenna. Put this antenna on the air and operate 10 and 6 meters with a single feed line. Get yours while the bands are hot!

Features:                                                                                                                                Lightweight (assembled antenna is 10.8 lbs.)                            Mast-mountable                                                                                                                            Includes extra hardware for fixed and portable use (thumb screws and wingnuts)     Labeled parts for quick and easy assembly                                                             No measuring or calibration required


Order your ARRL Dual-band Momobeam 6/10 antenna!




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