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Circuit Simulation

Circuit Simulation and Analysis

2013_Circuit_Simulation_Cover_image.jpgWelcome! You've reached the support page for ARRL's Circuit Simulation and Analysis by Dr Saeid Moslehpour.

As explained in Chapter 1 of the book, several different packages of the Cadence Design Systems design and analysis software are available and were used in preparation of this book. At the time the book was written, Version 16.5 was most current, but version 16.6 is now available. Regardless of where it was obtained, the software packages are identical and features differ only in name.

EMA Design Automation: If the software is obtained from EMA Design Automation, the software will be called: Schematic CaptureOrCAD Capture or OrCAD Capture CIS Circuit SimulationPSpice A/D or PSpice Advanced Analysis.

Cadence Design Systems: If the software is obtained from Cadence Design Systems (, the software will be called: Schematic Capture — Cadence Allegro Design Entry Capture or Allegro Design Entry Capture CIS Circuit Simulation — Cadence Allegro AMS Simulator

Demo Version: Demo versions are available for download from the Cadence website at The demo package includes OrCAD Capture CIS Lite and PSpice A/D Lite, which are fully functional versions that can be used to explore the examples in this book. There are some limitations on circuit and analysis complexity, but these are very useful and powerful tools.

Click here to download the circuit modeling files referenced in the book. This is a compressed "zip" file. After downloading, extract the individual files to a folder on your hard drive.




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