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Transmitter at base of tower? WU6I on 3/5/21
Does anyone have experience installing a 2m/440 (or similar) mobile rig (specifically the transceiver hardware in a black box) with the control head running to the ham shack? I've always wondered why the big 3 radio manufacturers don't promote this model. This would minimize the need for expensive RF cabling and minimize loss. Certainly broadcast transmitters are always located as close as possible to the antenna and radio stations mostly operate their transmitters by remote control. I envision a waterproof housing at the base of the mast. Have a licensed electrician run power to it, with it's own circuit breaker. To avoid all the messy control head cables and microphone line loss, presumably you could communicate to the transceiver through a wifi control head or an app on your PC or smartphone? What am I missing here?
RM-11828 K1OIK on 3/5/19
I have no issue with offering additional limited HF privileges to Techs. I've always thought the entry level license needed to offer more than CW and a little phone on 10 meters to give new licensees a chance to acquaint themselves with HF. And the digital modes do seem to appeal to the next generation of hams we need to be attracting to the hobby. But we should also acknowledge two other barriers: HF operation, in general, is discouraged by our modern high density housing. We need to promote greater use of remote access of shared HF antenna sites. Secondly, the #1 reason people tell me they left the hobby was "there was no one to talk to." We need to work harder to promote QSOs and public service communications on VHF/UHF. Too many repeaters sit idle 99% of the time. The PAPA system of linked repeaters in Southern California is a best practice model, offering a regular series of topical nets that encourage conversations rather than just check-ins.

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