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Mobile Dual/Multi Band Antenna Jul 1st 2014, 20:37 1 5,147 on 1/7/14

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Mobile Dual/Multi Band Antenna W5PL on 1/7/14
I'm certain this topic has been beaten to death more than once but my search did not result in any leads for me to follow.

I'm about to mount my first mobile rig (current front runner FT-8800R) in my vintage 2005 Dodge Dakota and am looking for guidance / suggestions for antenna choices and mounting methods.

Any comments welcome...

Billy - W5PL
Vanity Call - When to apply vs expiration date WV0l on 2/5/14
As stated above all entries on a given day are entered into a "lottery" type random selection for processing on the process date. Those entries showing application dates prior to the availability of the call signs are applications which were entered on the date shown and subsequently modified on the same date as all the other applications participting in the "lottery". There is no advantage to this as the applications are selected randomly when processed.

Billy Beckworth

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