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LOTW Complaints W4RIG on 28/3/12
We can understand why it takes two hours to process uploads to LOTW but WHY does it take so long for LOTW to accept the uploads? Why does ARRL provide LOTW if it can't support it better than it does - W4RIG (not a fan of LOTW)
Confused about LotW kf5nrp on 18/3/12
I see where one of the engineers that work for ARRL claims a 43 % response rate - what baloney - the actual rate is closer to 15% - I have filed over 12,000 QSO's and my response rate is about 13% - ARRL could give some incentive like a 100 point bonus for Field Day log filing - but they would rather give 100 points for a visiting politician to your site.
Confused about LotW kf5nrp on 18/3/12
LOTW is probably the WORST so-called QSL program in existence -By far the worst response rate of any of the available internet logging systems - the response rate is terrible because the troglodytes at ARRL don't really support it with no incentives for filing logs for Field Day or other incentives - CW operators are the worst responders - so - very few people bother with the archaic system - I can't believe the membership puts up with this "service" and I have made many suggestions for improvement and ARRL never has had the courtesy to even provide a response. When you file your QSO's the system expects to independently hear from those you have contacted - why should they bother? don't expect any serious effort on the part of ARRL to improve this system - they really don't care - Hank - W4RIG ARRL life member
LOTW Complaints W4RIG on 20/1/12
I am incensed that the "free" programs distributed as "Trusted QSL" are in a format that requires the purchase of an "Unzip" program - such abuse of the concept of a "free" program - this is a black mark on ARRL - what can we do about this abuse of the supposedly free programs?

Hank McCarl W4RIG
ARRL Local Government Liaison - Eastern Massachusetts

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