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Speakers Bureau

ARRL Convention Speakers Bureau

ARRL Speakers Bureau

We want to share our passion and knowledge of Amateur Radio with you. The ARRL Speakers Bureau offers a wealth of knowledge and subject matter expertise for ARRL membership programs and services, and across a broad range of amateur radio topics. Due to the high demand for ARRL speakers and the high cost of travel, not all requests can be filled. All requests are assessed to assure completeness and that speaker participation will increase the visibility of ARRL programs, services, and messaging.

To request a speaker for your group, the Speakers Bureau must receive a request through the online request form. Please allow as much lead-time as possible prior to your event for us to locate an appropriate speaker, preferably 6-8 weeks. This consideration is necessary to provide speakers with adequate notice, ensure minimal disruption to their work schedules, and provide enough notice to the requester that a speaker will or will not be available.

ARRL Speaker Request Guidelines

Recorded Presentations

ARRL receives a large number of requests for speakers, and we are unable to fulfill all requests. Rather, the ARRL Learning Network offers dozens of prerecorded presentations across a variety of popular amateur radio topics. Each presentation is approximately 30 minutes long. ARRL-affiliated radio clubs may use the recordings as presentations for club meetings, mentoring new and current hams, and discussing amateur radio topics. We recommend that clubs members watch a recorded presentation together, and then hold a short discussion afterwards.

Virtual Speakers

Some requests for speakers may be satisfied with a presenter who will attend your event ‘virtually’ using an online platform such as Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams. Organizers completing the Speaker Request Form will be asked to demonstrate that they have the necessary technology and expertise to support a virtual speaker.

In-Person Speakers

Due to the large number of requests ARRL receives for speakers, and the high cost of travel, we are unable to fulfill most requests for in-person speakers.

Speakers for ARRL Division Conventions

ARRL has 15 geographic Divisions. Each Division may host up to one ARRL Division Convention each year (see ARRL Sanctioned Events). At the request of the organizer for a hamfest or convention that is hosting an ARRL Division Convention, ARRL will make every effort to provide a speaker from among the ARRL staff or officers.

ARRL Speaker Request Form

Requests for ARRL speakers must be made using the ARRL Speaker Request Form (online).
Please see the form directly below.

In order to reach as many people as possible, ARRL offers two options to choose from in requesting a speaker appearance:

  •         An in person appearance whereby the speaker travels to the appearance location.
  •        A virtual appearance utilizing Zoom or Skype to connect a speaker via video conference with your organization.

Requests should be made six to eight weeks in advance. This amount of time is necessary to allow for review of all ARRL-requested information, manager approval, ARRL Director approval (if the request for a speaker is associated with an ARRL-sanctioned convention), and arrangement of the speaker’s travel (if required). The request may be declined if it does not meet these lead times.

ARRL Speaker Request Form

Name of speaker and/or topic requested. Include a statement if the event is willing to accept any speaker if the requested speaker is not available.

*Due to the large number of annual conventions and radio clubs, ARRL is unable to fulfill requests for speakers for radio club meetings. See the ARRL Learning Network for recorded presentations.

*If virtual and viewers will be watching from several locations, please include the primary location of the organization hosting.

Question & Answer included

Upon confirming a speaker, the speaker will supply a description of their presentation for use in event promotions.

Do you require a bio?

Do you require a headshot picture?

Round trip air fare from the commercial airport nearest the speaker’s home; meals; ground transportation (on both ends); accommodations; other expenses incurred due to the nature of the appearance.


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