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Speakers Bureau

ARRL Convention Speakers Bureau

Contact Steve Ewald WV1X to book a speaker.


Name Call Sign Title Department Topics
Steve Ewald WV1X ARRL Field Organization Team Supervisor Field Services and Radiosport ARRL Field Organization -- ARRL Section administration, Amateur Radio public service communications (ARES and National Traffic System).  Overall support that ARRL HQ provides to its members and Amateur Radio.
Ed Hare W1RFI ARRL Laboratory Manager LAB Radio Frequency Interference, RF Safety, Antenna Modeling, Electronic Troubleshooting, Amateur Radio Product Testing and Selection.
Bob Inderbitzen NQ1R Product Development Product Development ARRL Membership (benefits, programs and services), ham radio recruitment (resources), annual ham radio convention in Friedrichshafen Germany (slideshow), the ARRL five pillars (slideshow), tour of ARRL Headquarters (slideshow)


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