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Issue No 1 2022

On the Air Email - Issue No. 1 (January 2022)

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Wondering what to do with your new Amateur Radio license? Try Contesting!
This email provides you with articles and advice from experienced hams to help you get active and on the air.

Hitting the Heights

If you enjoy outdoor exploration, radio experimentation, and being part of an enthusiastic, active community, the Summits On The Air (SOTA) program offers all that and more.

Contest Season is Here

Autumn through early spring is contest season, with cold weather driving people indoors, allowing for more time to play on the radio. January VHF is the most popular winter contest, with hams operating indoors, outdoors, and roving in vehicles! Contest by yourself, or with a group. Everyone is welcome!

Mounting an Antenna to the Body of Your Car

With a typical NMO through-chassis antenna mount and NMO hole saw, you can cleanly install an antenna on your vehicle. As a bonus, the metal body of your vehicle will create a reasonably uniform radiation pattern for the antenna.

Contesting Tips from a Veteran

The contest season is underway! Time for some tips from veteran competitor Chris Plumblee, W4WF.

1,000 Contacts in 14 Days

New ham Jeromy Alexander, AD8GN, shares his experience operating FT8, and the fun of making contacts with so many people across the world.

Contesting Do's and Don'ts

Experienced and accomplished members of the Florida Contest Group distilled their decades of experience into a list of do’s and don’ts that will help all contesters position themselves for success before, during, and after a contest. Even if you apply just one tip out of dozens to your next contest operation, we think it will help your score.

How to Get Started in Contesting

This webinar describes what radiosport and Amateur Radio contesting is, how it works, and why it can enhance your overall ham radio experience.


Busted Call — A call sign that was not copied correctly. Contest participants are generally penalized for busted calls that appear in the log they submit to the contest’s organizer.

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What's Next
Read advice from experienced hams who will answer questions about what to do after you have gotten your license.

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