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Issue No 3 2022

On the Air Email - Issue No. 3 (March 2022)

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Wondering what to do with your new Amateur Radio license? Here's everything you need to know about antennas!
This email provides you with articles and advice from experienced hams to help you get active and on the air.

The Best Antenna for the Job

No single antenna works for every station. Whether you’re mobile or at home, choosing an antenna depends on what you want to do with your station, how much money you’re willing to spend, and any restrictions you may encounter with your property. This article helps you determine what the best antenna is for the job you are doing.

Simple Ground-Plane Antenna

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to extend your range is by using a ground-plane antenna. This antenna has three easy-to-follow steps, with a simple mounting process. Get on the air with increased range by checking out the article and building your own.

The Right Antenna for the Job

Depending on the job you're doing, you may need a rubber duck, directional, or multiband dipole antenna.

Cheap Wire Antenna Insulators

If you're looking to save a buck, inexpensive plastic chains work well as antenna insulators. Just buy one foot, cut it in half, and you have two excellend end insulators!

ARRL On the Air – Episode 11

This episode of the On the Air podcast determines what makes a particular antenna right for your station, with several considerations beyond cost and complexity.

A World of Antennas

Regardless of the type of radio you own, or the type of signal you choose to transmit or receive, an antenna is essential. Check out several classic amateur radio antennas.

More About Antenna Tuners

Antenna tuners can be critical components for some ham stations as they can match the impedance of an antenna system to the impedance a transceiver needs to see. Here’s a closer look from Steve Ford, WB8IMY, on how they work, how to buy one, and other considerations.


Antenna Analyzer — A test instrument designed to measure the impedance and/or standing wave ratio (SWR) of an antenna, an antenna and feed line combination, or other circuit element as a function of frequency.

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