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Issue No 9 2022

On the Air Email - Issue No. 9 (September 2022)

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Wondering what to do with your new Amateur Radio license?
This email provides you with articles and advice from experienced hams to help you get active and on the air.

Parks on the Air

There are thousands of Parks on the Air (POTA) eligible parks, wildlife areas, and historic sites throughout the world, so there's bound to be at least one within a reasonable driving distance from where you live. Check out this article for information about how to get in on the fun.

Foxhunting: A High-interest Activity at W8UM

Foxhunting is a fast-paced activity where hide and seek, radio, and competitive spirits collide. The idea is, there is a 2-meter transmitter (a “fox”) hidden on campus, and it’s emitting a Morse code message at specific intervals: 1 minute on, 1 minute off. This article highlights foxhunting at the University of Michigan.

The Wide World of Radiosport

Radiosport is a popular sub-hobby within ham radio featuring an exhilarating and fast-paced contest atmosphere. An on-air contest can require as much stamina, technique, and strategy as other, more traditional sports. Learn more about radiosport in this article.

ARRL On the Air – Episode 22

Contest season is currently underway! Veteran competitor Chris Plumblee, W4WF, gives some tips on this episode of the On the Air podcast

Contest Entry Categories Decoded

On-air contests offer a variety of entry categories to choose from, based on how you want to operate. Here’s a quick guide to the basic entry categories.

One Thousand FT8 Contacts in 14 Days

"I’ve been extremely satisfied operating FT8, and it was a lot of fun making contacts with so many people across the world." If you want to learn how to operate this exciting digital mode, check out this blog from Jeromy Alexander, AD8GN.


QSO Party — Often, a contest that focuses on a certain geographic area such as a state or a group of states. QSO parties are generally of a shorter duration (12 hours or fewer), and are often regarded as more casual than major contests.

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