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Educational Outreach

Presentation Resources

Below are a variety of resources for use when presenting the concepts and benefits of Amateur Radio to a youth group, school, or other local organization:

General Resources:

What is ham radio (video &PPT):

The DIY Magic of Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio: A Hobby for the 21st century

Why You Should Give Amateur Radio a Try (flyer):

Brochures & Exhibit Materials:


ARRL Programs:

ARRL Teachers Institute on Wireless Technology:

Education & Technology Program grants:


School Outreach:

Outreach to Teachers and Schools:

FAQs How to Approach Schools:

School Contact Brochure Order Form:

Public Speaking About Amateur Radio Before Youth Groups:

How to Start an Amateur Radio Club at Your School:


Classroom Resources:

Lesson Ideas and Learning Activities:

Resources for Classroom Teachers:

Kits & Projects:

A collection of resources from one of our members: