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Employment Opportunities

To apply, please mail/e-mail your cover letter and resume.

Attn: Monique Levesque
225 Main Street
Newington, CT 06111
Fax: 860-594-0298

ARRL is an equal opportunity employer.

Open Positions

  • IT Systems Engineer


    Job Category: Grade 11


    Classification:  Non-Exempt 


    Salary Range: $26.57 – $31.00 per hour



    Summary of Position:

    Responsible for the day-to-day operation of the organization’s information infrastructure including desktop clients, server systems, LAN, WAN, e-mail, network storage and printing. This infrastructure supports both local and remote users.


    Major Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Daily monitoring and troubleshooting of major IT systems, including servers, routers, switches, firewalls, SAN/NAS devices, VPN gateways, printers and wireless access points. Manage and review output of a central monitoring system for all servers.
    •  Install and configure and maintain MS Windows Server and Linux servers; perform advanced systems management for MS Windows Server and Linux servers. Provision and manage virtual servers using VMware VCenter.
    • Monitor and maintain servers supporting the ARRL website, ensuring high availability and performance. Plan, test and deploy performance and reliability upgrades to website servers.
    • Configure, patch and manage network components such as switches, routers and gateways. Maintain IP address, VLAN and patch panel assignments along with network topology and server inventory documentation. Configure DHCP and DNS servers, including sub-domains and reverse DNS entries.
    • Detect, analyze and counter security threats to the network, including unauthorized access, viruses and advanced persistent threat (APT) exploits.
    • Maintain user access entries in Active Directory, Linux hosts, and VPN gateways.
    • Evaluate the performance of LAN and WAN links, SAN networks and fiber trunks. Reconfigure the network to eliminate bottlenecks and provide maximal throughput.
    • Manage and Support Microsoft Exchange and the implementation Exchange policies in Active Directory. Troubleshoot issues with email delivery, email block lists, spam filtering, and mail routing.
    • Provide second level troubleshooting for desktop, server and network problems. Support use of Windows XP mode to support legacy software.


    On-call for off-hours network emergencies and system upgrades.


    Knowledge and Skills:

    • MCSE and Cisco (or similar) certifications.
    •  Familiarity with the seven layers of the OSI Model.
    •  Detailed knowledge of IP protocols, including packet tracing and inspection, diagnosing transport issues and use of network sniffer and protocol analyzer tools.
    • Knowledge of DHCP and DNS configuration in both Windows and Linux environments.
    • Understanding of NFS, Samba (SMB), SSL Tunneling and Windows file system protocols.
    • Proficient with CLI commands for Cisco and/or Brocade (Foundry) equipment.
    • Able to configure and manage SNMP-capable device monitoring.


    • System administration of Windows Server  (2003 & 2008) —3 years
    •  Administration of Cisco or Brocade managed switches — 3 years
    • System administration of Red Hat Linux (CentOS and/or Fedora) — 2 years
    • Use of network monitoring system such as OpenView, HP SIM, or another SNMP-based system.
    • IDS/IPS systems such as Snort, Rancid, Sourcefire, etc.
    • Use of update management tools such as WSUS, McAfee epo, Altiris, etc.
    •  Managing IP addresses including defining subnets, static and dynamic address assignments, VLAN configuration and NAT protocols.
    • Configuring and managing enterprise-level firewalls such as Cisco ASA, pfSense, Sonicwall, etcA familiarity with the following systems is preferred:

    o    HP/LeftHand storage devices, including CMC management software,

    o    VMware VCenter and VSphere systems,

    o   NetApp and Exagrid NAS devices,

    o    MySQL databases, Apache web server (LAMP) systems,

    o    Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server and Great Plains.




    A BS/(MS preferred) in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or other  information technology related discipline or the equivalent experience.