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Operating Specialties

  • Weak Signal

    Weak signal operating refers to long distance communications... Learn More

  • Remote Base Station

    Did you know your station can be controlled over the internet? Learn More

  • Mobile/Portable

    Why transmit from a fixed location? Why not take it on the road! Learn More

  • Spread Spectrum

    Check out what the ARRL has on Spread Spectrum Learn More

  • Digital Modes

    There are multiple digital modes that can be used to communicate. Learn More

  • ARDF

    How about getting involved in a fox hunt? Can you find that lower power transmitter? Learn More

  • Radio Control

    Have a device you need to control from a ways off? Why not use your Radio to do it. Learn More

  • VOIP

    Combining amateur radio and cyberspace, new global gateways have been created. Learn More