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ARRL and Technology

The ARRL Lab provides members with technical information services, trusted product-review testing, spectrum-protection engineering, professional industry contact and a comprehensive RFI/EMC program.

  • Technical FAQ: Have a technical question? ARRL offers resources to help you discover the answer.
  • Periodicals Archive and Search: Looking for an article? Search QST, QEX, NCJ, and ham radio. Download QST articles from 1915 to December 2011. ham radio, owned by CQ Communications, Inc, is available on CD-ROM in the ARRL Store.
  • Product Review: Check out ARRL test-result reports available for selected reviewed items.
  • Forums: Talk to other ARRL members about various Amateur Radio topics. Join the conversation or start a topic of your own.
  • Radio Technology Topics

    Amateur Radio has always developed hand in hand with electronics and radio technology. Learn More

  • Radio Frequency Interference

    As our lives become filled with technology, the likelihood of electronic interference increases. Learn More

  • ARRL Lab

    The ARRL Lab provides a wide range of technical services and support to ARRL members. Learn More

  • ARRL References

    Find information that extends or supports various ARRL publications. Learn More