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This is your portal to submit new or updated information for use in the ARRL Repeater Directory and other related products.

Please note the following . . . 

  • We will only accept information from repeater owners or trustees, or those officially authorized to act in their behalf (such as club officers). Your identity will be verified before your entry is processed.
  • We will only accept information concerning repeaters that have been coordinated and are now on the air in the United States and Canada. DO NOT use this form to submit information concerning a planned repeater, temporary (or experimental) repeater or any other repeater that does not have an official coordination. The information you submit will be checked against the repeater coordinator's database. If we cannot confirm the existence of the repeater in the coordinator's database, it will NOT be added to the ARRL Repeater Directory database.
  • Acceptance of your information does not constitute “coordination” of any kind – you must still communicate these changes to your coordinator.
  • Entering data does NOT guarantee publication. The ARRL reserves the right to reject incomplete submissions or any submissions that do not meet the above criteria.
  • Your data submission and contact information will be shared with the repeater coordinator for your area. He or she may choose to modify your submission, or delete it entirely if it does not conform to coordination requirements.
  • If nothing about the way your repeater is listed in the ARRL Repeater Directory has changed, or if the repeater in question is a new repeater, DO NOT submit a report. If your repeater is coordinated you do not need to use this form to report your repeater to the ARRL for inclusion in our publications. This form is ONLY for changes that may effect how your repeater is listed in the Repeater Directory and related products.
  • Changes submitted after January 31 will not appear in the Repeater Directory until the following year.

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We do not accept submissions for packet digipeaters or simplex systems such as D-STAR hotspots, Winlink RMS stations or Echolink or IRLP simplex nodes.

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