Logbook of the World

Call sign certificate processing update

Jun 15, 2015: Call sign certificate processing update --

We are able to issue new call sign certificates again.  All certificate requests in the queue have been processed.

If, when loading a TQ6 call sign certificate file you receive a message from TQSL "About to load..." answer "YES" and continue.

For users who may be loading a TQ6 file and receive an error message "unable to get local issuer certificate" try downloading the TQ6 file from your LoTW user account.  Sign into your account then select [your account], [your certificates], [download your certificates]. If you continue to have difficulty loading your call sign certificate then the quickest and simplest solution is to delete the original request in TQSL and make a new request. (In the call sign certificates tab of the TQSL application window right click on the red slashed circle then select delete.)

Should you receive an error message "Call sign Certificate or Certificate Request not found for call sign [your call]" you will have to make a new call sign certificate request because this message indicates that the original request no longer resides in your computer.  This could be the result of any number of actions including deleting files, uninstalling TQSL, formatting a hard drive or making an additional requests for a call sign certificate before the first requests was processed. Help with call sign certificate requests may be found at

We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding.