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Learning Programs

ARRL Learning Programs

ARRL offers a variety of educational programs and services which provide instructional opportunities and training for new, experienced, and prospective amateur radio enthusiasts.

Getting Started

Here are several resources to help get you started in the exciting world of ham radio:

Submit Your Content

Do you have pictures of videos of ham radio in action you want to share? ARRL would love to see pictures and/or short videos of your station, portable operations, contesting, or other aspects of amateur radio! Click here to submit your content

ARRL Webinars

ARRL's new webinar series was developed to help introduce more members to the variety of activities and opportunities that radio amateurs enjoy. These webinars offer live presentations by member-volunteers, for members. Like hamfest forums and radio club presentations, the webinars are intended to help participants get more active, involved, and engaged in amateur radio.

ARRL Online Learning

ARRL currently offers 3 online courses that provide training in Emergency Communications:

ARRL's new Learning Center that is being launched in 2021 will host a wide selection of training courses, webinar recordings, and instructional materials, including:

  • On the Air: learn how to get active and on the air, including how to operate, communicate with others, and participate in contests and radiosport;
  • Emergency Communications: learn how to get involved with local emergency operations, public service, and community events;
  • Electronics & Technology: learn about radio electronics and technology, including how to set up a station, build an antenna, and select the proper equipment;

Additional Educational Programs & Services:

The following educational services are also available:

  • Education & Technology Program (ETP): ARRL provides classroom teachers with teaching tools and resources, school station and progress grants, and connects educators with shared materials.
  • Teacher's Institute: ARRL's Teacher's Institute is a week-long workshop for classroom teachers to learn basic (TI-1) and advanced (TI-2) wireless technology principles for use in their classrooms, and to supplement their current STEM / STEAM curriculum;
  • ARISS: support ARISS (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station) activities by schools or educational groups, and supply a backup station upon request;
  • ARRL Collegiate Amateur Radio Initiative (CARI): CARI was established to support and promote amateur radio among students and ham radio clubs at colleges and universities;
  • License instruction support: provide instructional materials for volunteer instructors who teach license classes;
  • Youth & School Resources: A variety of resources for promoting amateur radio to youth, school, and civic organizations


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