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Instruction: ARRL Resources

What you'll find on this page ...

Listed below are ARRL publications designed for student preparation for each FCC Amateur Radio license exam.  Also we've listed publications that serve as good resources to provide more in-depth information about ham radio operations and technical topics.

Question pool cross references between previous question pools and the current question pools as well as graphic images used in ARRL publications are provided to assist instructors in development of their own instructional materials.

ARRL Student Study Manuals


For supplemental information, additional references, updates and corrections refer to the Ham Radio License Manual Online Supplement.



For supplemental information, additional references, updates and corrections refer to the General Class License Manual Online Supplement.



NEW online Exam Review for Ham Radio is available at Students can customize their exam preparation by reviewing questions with each chapter of the ARRL's study manual, or by question pool subelement. Students may take practice exams online. Instructors can print exams for classroom practice.

As an ARRL Registered Instructor you can purchase instruction and study materials through our Instructor Discount Program.  Learn more.


Please review the Copyright information that applies to ARRL license preparation publications.

ARRL Instructor's Manuals

ARRL's Instructor's Manual for Instruction of Technician License Courses (6th edition) is now available to ARRL Registered Instructors as a free download. This manual offers a course syllabus that addresses all of the topics covered by the FCC question pool effective July 1, 2014, for the Technician license exam. It includes lesson plans and PowerPoint slides.

If you are an ARRL Registered Instructor, click here to access these materials. 


ARRL's Technican and General Instructor's Manual (7th edition) is available in print for purchase from the ARRL store. This new manual includes lesson plans for General license instruction coordinated to presentation of content in the new 8th edition of the ARRL General Class License Manual.  As the title implies, this print publication also includes all of the lesson plan content previously published online as the 6th edition ARRL Technician Instructor’s Manual (described above).

ARRL Registered Instructors can access and download PowerPoints that correspond to each Technician and General lesson module on the ARRL website. Click here to access those materials.

To register as an ARRL Instructor, click here.

Other ARRL Materials

These materials and cross references from the development of our study manuals are shared below for your use to assist you in the development of your own instructional materials.

Please observe ARRL copyright restrictions.

Other ARRL Publications

These ARRL publications serve well as references to explore license topics in greater depth.  Click on the title for a description of each publication.