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Instruction: Exam Practice and Review

Preparing Students for the Exam

Exam practice tools will help your students identify areas where they need to do more preparation-- or ask for more instruction!-- before taking the exam.

Part of your instruction should be to familiarize your students with what to expect on the FCC exam.  Practice drills with the exam questions builds confidence and can help you to assess the readiness of your students to take the exam.

ARRL's new, free, online Exam Review for Ham Radio provides for organizing questions for practice by each chapter of ARRL's study guides, or by FCC question pool subelement.  This web-based online service is accessible via PC or Mac and via mobile devices. It will also generate practice exams that you can print and bring to your classroom. Visit

You may also direct your students to other shared exam practice resources developed by other hams.


  • offers proven accessibility to blind users with its option for "no figures" in the exam
  • offers flash cards and practice exams developed by Richard Bateman, KD7BBC and sponsored by ICOM America
  • KD0FNR provides a set of free online exam practice tests
  • AH0A offers Ham Academy for exam practice. It is designed to be downloaded and run off-line in any browser. It has been tested on the iPhone and Android phones.


There are also ham exam prep apps for both iOS and Android tablets:

For iOS: Ham Radio Exam

For Android:Ham Test Prep

In addition, traditional flash cards may be helpful. 

Or, in group settings, games such as these may be more engaging:

Exam-Prep Jepperdee. Bob Raffaele, W2XM has created interactive exam preparation study resources modeled after the popular television game show, Jeopardy!®  He has produced Tech, General and Extra level games.

Download the games or contact the author at W2XM@ARRL.NET to receive the files by e-mail and to request additional versions of the games.  Bob can also send you a schematic of his "Serious ‘XM Exam-prep Jepperdee" hardware set. 

Exam Prep Jepperdee Technician: 2018-2022

Exam Prep Jepperdee General: 2019-2023

Exam Prep Jepperdee Extra: 2016-2020



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