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Instruction: Getting Organized

Preparing to Teach

Whether you've instructed license prep classes before or are just getting started, Pete Kemp, KZ1Z, has valuable advice from his many years of professional teaching experience to help you develop your strategy for instruction, tips on setting up and managing your class, as well as advice on working with students with disabilities and learning challenges.

Teacher’s Guide to Amateur Radio Instruction, by Peter Kemp, KZ1Z


Advice from Experienced Instructors

These articles will help you get organized and prepare yourself to take on the task of teaching to a variety of audiences and age groups.   

Advertising Your Class

  • You may use this basic flyer design to advertise your Ham Radio Class.  Simply download the flyer to your word processing program and add your local information and enhancements.
  • Advertise your class on the ARRL website by submitting your listing to be added to our searchable database.

Membership Recruitment and Recognition

Recruiting New ARRL Members

We hope that you've taken some time to describe the benefits of ARRL membership to your students. The ARRL Membership Manager has prepared a PowerPoint called "Experience Ham Radio with ARRL"  that you may use to highlight member benefits. 

It's also important to stress the importance of supporting ARRL's efforts not funded by regular member dues. Hams who have the means are encouraged to support programs in their areas of special interest, such as Spectrum Defense, Educational Outreach, W1AW, Historic Preservation.  More informaton about these special funds can be found at

Graduation Kit

Recognize your students' achievements with a certificate! You can download and print a Graduation Certificate to recognize completion of your class and a First Contact Award to recognize a first on-the-air contact. Then you can personalize the form with your student(s)' name(s). Graduation Kits include copies of the Graduation Certificate, First Contact Award, and a color band chart with a Worked All States (WAS) map,

Use this online form to order a Graduation Kit. Please provide at least 2 weeks advance notice and please be sure your ARRL membership is current.  



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