W100AW & W1AW QSLs via Bureau

W100AW & W1AW QSL via Bureau

You may request to have QSLs from W1AW/x portable operations, W1ØØAW, and W1HQ, for QSOs made during 2014, delivered to you via the ARRL QSL Bureau system

BUT — you MUST have an account with the QSL Bureau that is properly funded and ready to go.  We do not want to send cards to the volunteers working in the Bureau system which cannot be delivered.  Any cards that cannot be delivered will not be held or stored. 

Please DO NOT send any cards for W1AW/x portable operations or W1ØØAW or W1HQ to us via the bureau — while we do appreciate the thought, we do not need your cards and will not be able to store them.  Do have fun working all the Centennial stations!

This is a one-time only use of the QSL Bureau for this purpose. QSLs will automatically be sent to stations outside the U.S.A. via the QSL Bureau as normal.

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