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Ham Radio License Exam Practice

The ARRL has launched a new online resource that allows users to take randomly generated practice exams using questions from the actual examination question pool. ARRL Exam Review for Ham Radio™ is free, and users do not need to be ARRL members. The only requirement is that users must first set up a site login (this is a different and separate login from your ARRL website user registration).

While ARRL Exam Review is being introduced with the new, third edition of theTechnician study guide, The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual, the site also supports practice examinations for General and Amateur Extra. An updated Technician class examination question pool becomes effective July 1, 2014 and Exam Review will automatically transition to the new question pool on that date.

ARRL's current editions of our license preparation study manuals, the General Class License Manual  (7th edition) and the Extra Class License Manual (10th edition), include software for exam practice compatible with Microsoft® Windows operating systems.The software CD-ROM  includes all of the questions for the current FCC exam pools and provides different review options, so you can choose to review by chapter of the study manual or by question pool topic.  Short explanations are provided to help you understand the correct answer.  The software also provides the option to produce-- and print-- as many practice exams as you would like.

Why should I get licensed?

Before you can get on the air, you need to be licensed and know the rules to operate legally. US licenses are good for 10 years before renewal and anyone may hold one except a representative of a foreign government. Learn More

Additional Resources

The following exam practice aids have been developed by hams for prospective licensees and other hams who want to upgrade to a license with more privileges. Find out which resources will be most useful to you!

  • offers proven accessibility to blind users with its option for  "no figures" in the exam.
  • offers flash cards and practice exams developed by Richard Bateman, KD7BBC and sponsored by ICOM America
  • KD0FNR provides a set of free online exam practice tests.
  • Fred Benson, NC4FB, offers a number of useful exam practice tools
  • AH0A offers Ham Academy for exam practice. It is designed to be downloaded and run off-line in any browser. It has been tested on the iPhone and Android phones.


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