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What You Can Do with Ham Radio

Becoming an Amateur Radio operator is just the beginning. Many hams who enjoy the hobby often ask, "How can I get more involved?"

Explore how you can get involved with Amateur Radio and how ARRL can help.

  • What is Ham Radio?

    Get started! Learn the history, read the glossary, and find out how to get licensed. Learn More

  • Learn

    Check-out ARRL training resources and publications. Develop or improve your radio operating skills and station. Learn More

  • Youth

    Find resources and connect with other young radio amateurs. The future of the Amateur Radio Service is here today! Learn More

  • Social Media

    Check out what ARRL members are saying, follow us... Learn More

  • Clubs

    Clubs are a radio amateur's link to local hams and activities. Find a club in your area. Learn More

  • Hamfests and Conventions

    Organize, sanction, and find an ARRL Hamfest and Convention in your area. Learn More

  • Donate

    Your financial support strengthens ARRL's efforts on behalf of Amateur Radio. Learn More

  • The ARRL Foundation

    The ARRL Foundation awards scholarships to qualified students & supports Amateur Radio organizations. Learn More

  • Volunteer

    There’s an important role for every ham. When you volunteer, you support ARRL and the Amateur Radio Service. Learn More

  • Recruit

    Spread the word! ARRL has the tools to help you recruit new hams and ARRL members: display materials, handouts, tips and more. Learn More


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