Resources for VEs

Resources for VEs


  • VE Exam Maker Software

    A software program for Windows® and Mac® to generate printed exams.

  • Software Information

    The ARRL VE Exam Maker software package is available to ARRL VEs from the
    ARRL VE Exam Maker Software Page.  VE log-in will be required for access. 
    The VE Exam Maker Software can only be downloaded by VEs that are accredited
    and registered with ARRL VEC.

    This software program is capable of updating question pools, specifications and
    software directly online.

    The download page requires Adobe Flash Player. You may be prompted to upgrade
    the installed version of Flash Player if you do not have a recent version installed.

  • Log-in Instructions

    ARRL VEs with an ARRL Membership

    To access the VE Exam Maker Software, log in to your ARRL online account.

    Once logged in, go to the VE Exam Maker Software page and follow the installation instructions.

    ARRL Members not registered online or who have forgotten their online
        password should visit the Member Support page for assistance.

    ARRL VEs without an ARRL Membership

    • Click the on the VE Exam Maker install link located on the VE Exam Maker Software page, then click the “cancel” button located in the log-in box.
    • You will be redirected to the “Log-In Required” page, where you will “Request a Password” using your call sign and email address. The email address you use for the request must be the email address on file with the VEC department.

    • After you receive the password via email, you will then be able to log-in to the VE Exam Maker software download page with your username (your current call sign) and password. Click on the VE Exam Maker install link located on the VE Exam Maker Software page. Follow the install and download instructions located on the software page.

    Error Messages
    After a failed attempt to “Request a Password” a message will appear at
        the top of the “Log-In Required” page that states: Failure - There is no
        matching ARRL VEC record. Contact ARRL VEC for assistance.

     If you have not informed us of your email address or if your record is out
        of date, you will have to contact ARRL VEC to update your information.

    Twenty-four to 48 hours after we verify and update your VE email address
        record, you will be able to submit the online password request and
        receive a password via email.

    On the VE Exam Maker Software  page, click on the VE Exam Maker
        install link. Log-in to the VE Exam Maker software install page with
        your username (your current call sign) and password. Follow the
        install and download instructions located on the software page.


  • List of Current ARRL VEC Exam Booklets

    VE Teams officially Field-Stocked by the ARRL VEC with a bulk quantity of our exam materials should check our VEC Exam Booklets page periodically to ensure your VEC printed exam booklets are up-to-date.

    Replenish your Field-Stocked exam supplies via our interactive web form.  Go Now.



  • Shipping Exam Session Packages to VEC

    The preferred method of shipping exam session packages to the ARRL VEC is
    United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail with an ARRL VEC supplied
    pre-paid postage label
    .  Please contact the ARRL VEC for alternate shipping methods.

  • Using United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail

    For shipping your test session results to ARRL VEC office, use the USPS Priority Mail flat rate envelopes and ARRL VEC pre-paid self-adhesive first class Business Reply Mail (BRM) labels.  Please do not use other envelopes, such as plain brown or plain white.  Some post offices assume these are third class mailers and will inadvertently delay delivery significantly!  The USPS Priority Mail envelopes are available free of charge from either us or your local post office.

    Include the teams’ or the Liaisons’ return address on the envelope. USPS stipulates that this information must be displayed on the envelope.  Any post office can refuse a package that does not have a return name and address label attached.

    A handful of VE Teams have found that presenting the Priority Mail envelope with the ARRL VEC first-class BRM label at a post office window meets with some resistance by postal-service staff.  If this should happen to you, politely state that this method is acceptable since the postal charges are the same for either Priority or First Class mail.  If you still have difficulty, ask to speak with the window supervisor and refer them to the BRM notice below.  And if that's not satisfactory, ask to speak to the next higher staff person or the postmaster. The ARRL VEC has confirmed with various USPS staff supervisors/postmasters, in each instance where this procedure is questioned, that we are doing it right!

  • USPS Priority Mail Business Reply Mail (BRM) Notice

    There is a chapter and verse permitting use of the BRM for Priority Mail in the "Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service Domestic Mail Manual".  You can also check the "Quick service guides"  Section 505 on the USPS web site .   A Printer-Friendly PDF version is available at .




  • Candidates and VE Teams

    Information for VE Teams and examinees on the current ARRL VEC exam fee.


  • Examination Fee

    Each examinee at each ARRL VEC coordinated examination session is charged the same fee in accordance with an annually established fee schedule. 

    The fee charged the examinee is the actual out-of-pocket costs incurred in preparing, processing and administering that particular examination.   

    If a fee is collected, it may be used to reimburse out-of-pocket expenses regardless of whether the examinee passes or fails the examination or even if the examinee fails to appear for the designated examination session.  

    Check the ARRL VEC’s current exam fee

  • VE Team Expense Reimbursement

    FCC permits VECs and VEs to be reimbursed for out-of-pocket costs incurred in preparing, processing and administering examinations.  

    Check the ARRL VEC’s current reimbursement policy