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ARRL VEC Exam Fees

ARRL VEC Exam Fees

The ARRL VEC Exam Fee for 2020 is $15.00.
                     (for one attempt at all three license elements).

                   If a candidate fails an element at an exam session
                         and wants to re-test for the same element,
                                 an additional fee will be required.

ARRL VEC VE Team Reimbursements

The maximum reimbursement the ARRL VEC allows ARRL Volunteer Examiner
(VE) Teams to retain for test sessions is up to $7.00 per exam fee collected.
Only the amount needed to offset out-of-pocket expenses incurred (or to be
incurred) can be retained. If the expense is justified, has been prudently incurred
and is specifically related to exam administration, then the fee can be retained.
Costs should not exceed the allowable reimbursement fees and may not be kept
if no expenses were incurred.

The team should keep a complete record of the expenses paid, along with
receipts, in the VE team records for two years.  Records must be made
available to ARRL VEC upon request.
  Another option is for the team
to send all exam fees and receipts to the VEC along with a completed
VE Reimbursement Form
and we will issue the team a reimbursement check.
Then the VEC office would be responsible for retaining the receipts.

The 2020 mileage reimbursement rate is 57.5 cents per mile.

VECs are allowed to collect an examination reimbursement fee from each
candidate who takes one or more exam elements.  These exam fees help
the VEC recover its costs of providing its services.  Per FCC Rule §97.527,
VECs and VEs may be reimbursed by examinees for out-of-pocket expenses
incurred in preparing, processing, administering or coordinating an examination
for an amateur operator license.