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Field-Stocked VE Teams

ARRL VEC Field Stocked VE Teams


  • Does my VE Team qualify to be Field Stocked with exam materials?

    Many teams have worked with ARRL VEC over several test sessions. Teams who have conducted at least four ARRL VEC test sessions, and who have registered four future test dates, may request to receive and retain quantities of test materials so that they can continue their regularly scheduled sessions without the usual back-and-forth correspondence with the VEC office. They also have the flexibility to conduct any 'on-the-spot' testing that may be called for with short notice.

  • Officially Field Stocked VE Team Liaison Requirements

    1.  To be formally field stocked with a bulk quantity of our test materials, the Team Liaison (leader) must have conducted at least four ARRL VEC test sessions, must register four future test dates and must continue to regularly schedule sessions (4 or more sessions per year).

    2.  The VE Team Liaison must understand AND acknowledge that they are responsible for the security of the test materials while they are in the team's possession. This is to ensure that absolute examination integrity is maintained.

    3.  The VE Team Liaison and VE Team may have an affiliation with a club, organization or group or may work independently. Again, the Team Liaison is solely responsible for the test materials not any organization.

    4.  All correspondence between the VEC and VE Team is handled directly with the Team Liaison; the Team Liaison is to maintain an up to date address, phone number, and email address on record at the ARRL.
    The Team Liaison is responsible for the exam session preparation and shipment of the exam session results in a timely manner.  Lastly, the Team Liaison should periodically check field stocked supplies to make sure they are current and that quantities are sufficient.

    5.  Field Stocked Team Liaisons should be especially vigilant about keeping us informed of who has possession of the exam supplies. Notify us immediately when the teams’ field stock changes hands to ensure that any exam updates will be mailed to and received by the proper person.

    When teams are officially enrolled in the ARRL VEC field stock program by ARRL VEC, they are supplied with a standard test material package that consists of: 
    96 Exam Booklets -- 12 different designs of each written test element level (includes five copies of each of the 12 versions of Elements 2, two
    copies of each of the 12 versions of Element 3, and one copy of each of the 12 versions of Element 4); three Answer Keys for all test elements/versions; 9 hole-punched, blue-transparent, overlay grading templates (1 set of the 9 different templates); 100 Written Element Exam Answer Sheets; 100 CSCEs; 100 NCVEC Form 605 applications; 10 Candidate Rosters; 10 Test Session Reports; 5 Registration/Request for Test Materials forms; 10 envelopes and postage-paid address labels for returning the completed test session package using postage-paid service. Do not return any booklets to the VEC after an exam session. Booklets are to remain with the field stocked team leaders for use until new booklets are released.

    Field stocked teams should annually, or more often, provide the ARRL VEC office with lists of scheduled--firm or tentative--test dates so that the information is up to date in our system and can be distributed as widely as possibly. Under normal situations, the team should try to request supplies 3 to 4 weeks in advance of the session. This way we can make certain the materials requested reach the team in a timely and cost effective manner.

    If your team has worked with the ARRL VEC through several sessions, conducts (or has registered) at least four (4) sessions a year, and is interested in signing up for the field stock program, contact the ARRL VEC office.

Re-Stock Your Exam Materials

                      ARRL VEC Re-Stock Materials Request Form
                            for OFFICIALLY Field Stocked VE Teams

Officially appointed Field Stocked VE Team, please complete all information
on the form to request restock of any quantity of exam session materials.
A red asterisk indicates a required field. You must complete these fields.
Submit to ARRL VEC four weeks before the supplies are needed.
Exam session supplies are shipped out approximately 2 weeks before
the exam date.

IMPORTANT:  This form is for officially field stocked ARRL VE Teams only.
                        If your ARRL VE Team has not been officially field stocked
                        with a year's supply of exam materials by ARRL VEC you 
                        must register your exam sessions and order supplies here!


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