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Antenna Projects


QST, through the years, has had more articles on antennas than any other subject. There are many workable antenna designs for most any physical or operating requirement.  Very often the best use of your ham radio dollar is to invest in antenna improvements, which can improve both your receiving and transmitting capability.


  • A Q&D Multiband Antenna
    QST June, 2004, p. 58
    A brick, some PVC tubing and a few other common hardware store items can be transformed into an effective Quick & Dirty RF-launcher—for less than $25!  
  • Low Power, Crummy Antenna
    QST December 1998, pp. 57-59
    A major part of the fun of amateur radio is putting together a station that works from stuff you have just laying around. Antennas lend themselves to this practice nicely.
  • Beam Talk for the Layman  Members Only
    QST July 1958, pp.35-37
    Step-by-step tuning of a gamma matched Yagi antenna and other thoughts on installation.
  • An Inexpensive External GPS Antenna
    QST October 2002, pp. 36-39
    An easy to build antenna for your GPS unit for better reception.

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