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HF Wire


 The most popular HF antenna for hams with trees to use as antenna supports is the dipole.

Wire Antennas

  • Broadband Transmitting Wire Antennas for 160 through 10 Meters 
    QST November 1995, pp.22-24
    A traveling-wave antenna offers some attractive qualities for your station: 50 ohm feedpoint at ground level, no tuner required, horizontal and vertical radiation components, no radials, nothing in the air but wire, and flexible size and height requirements.
  • Zip-Cord Antennas - Do They Work?
    QST March 1979, pp. 31-32
    Parallel power cord is readily available and is easy to work with. How efficient is it when used at radio frequencies? Well, that depends.
  • The N4GG Array
    QST July 2002, pp. 35-39
    A simple, nearly invisible, multiband wire antenna with reasonable gain, low angle of radiation.
  • A High Gain Single Wire Beam by Robert Wilson, AL7KK
    QST July 2009, pp 38-39
    The author now recommends feeding this antenna directly with a 4:1 balun instead of the shunt inductor arrangement suggested in the article. 



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