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UHF Beams


Due to the point to point nature of UHF, beams are quite popular on these bands.  Most hams can handle the construction skills needed for 70 cm antennas, though its challenging to scale Yagi designs as you move up in frequency.


Small 70-cm Yagi (671,292 bytes, PDF file
QEX July/August 2001. pp. 55-59
A 6-element Yagi designed for a wide bandwidth.

Controlled Impedance “Cheap” Antennas Kent WA5VJB’s computer optimized 144MHz to 1296MHz antennas with a clever asymmetrical feed.

The Long-Boom Quagi
QST February 1978, pp. 20-21 Build a 15-element Quagi antenna for 432MHz.
Including "Additional Bands for the Quagi" QST April 1978, Technical Correspondence, p. 34 (Also see

25 and 45 element Loop Yagis and test data on the North Texas Microwave Web site.


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