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HF Vertical


Many hams can put up the big tower system and put a 5-element monobander on every band at 120 feet in height to have a really big signal. Okay, a few hams can build that dream station; most of us have to settle for a more modest antenna array.

Horizontally polarized antennas such as inverted vees, horizontal dipoles and longwires can give good DX performance if they are located high above the earth, but some hams can't get the needed height and hams with small lots don't have the real estate for a full-size horizontal antenna. Fortunately, antennas can also be configured vertically and in the process can show a significant improvement in the low-angle radiation needed for DX as compared to a low horizontally configured antenna.

This page contains a number of articles about single-band and multi-band HF vertical antennas. Most can be built in a day and can let you call "CQ DX" effectively on HF.


Web Links

  • St. Louis Vertical The St. Louis Vertical (SLV) offers portable enthusiasts an easy-to-build, easy-to-use antenna.
  • Rudy Severns N6LF has written a series of articles in QEX on measurements he has done on ground systems for vertical antennas.  You can download the articles from his blog, Antennas By N6LF