VHF Beams


VHF beams are popular projects--they are often small enough to be made out supplies easily obtained at the local hardware store.


  • 7dB for 7 Bucks (844,127 bytes, PDF file) 
    QST April 1993, pp. 54-55
    An inexpensive 3 element 2-meter Yagi made from PVC and welding rod. . 
  • Homebrewing a 6-Meter Yagi (from QEX RF column)  Members Only
    QEX January/February 1998, p. 52-57
    Enlarged Figure 6 with key dimensions.
    In typical Zack Lau, W1VT fashion, the element and mounting clamps are machined, but good ol’ hose clamps and hardware store mast mountings will work on this 4-element antenna.
  • 2x3=6 (84,913 bytes, PDF file)  Members Only
    QST February 2000, pp. 34-36
    Two three-element 6-meter Yagi designs.
  • A Five-Element, 2-Meter Yagi for $20 (457,324 bytes, PDF file)  Members Only
    QST July 1999, pp. 34-37
    Get about 10dB from a modified Radio Shack FM broadcast receiving antenna.
  • An LPDA for 2 Meters Plus (839,246 bytes, PDF file)  Members Only
    QST October 2001, pp. 42-46
    This Log-Periodic Dipole Array (beam) antenna covers 130-170 MHz for those who also like monitoring.
  • Circular Polarization and OSCAR Communications (1,401,889 bytes, PDF file)  Members Only
    QST May 1980, pp. 11-15
    OSCAR users are switching to circular polarization to lessen signal fading. Build this low-cost antenna system and hear what you've been missing


  •   Small 70-cm Yagi (671,292 bytes, PDF fileMembers Only
    QEX July/August 2001. pp. 55-59
    A 6-element Yagi designed for a wide bandwidth.

Web Links

  • Controlled Impedance “Cheap” Antennas Kent WA5VJB’s computer optimized 144MHz to 1296MHz antennas with a clever asymmetrical feed.
  • The Quagi Antenna Turns 40 Wayne N6NB invented the Quagi, an easy to build cross between a Yagi and a Quad. The ease of obtaining parts has made this a popular choice for thousands of hams.
  • The Tiny 2
    The "Tiny 2" is a great little 2 meter beam. It has some really interesting properties and it is a fantastic first time antenna project for the beginner.
  • The Tiny 2+1
    Renamed the Tiny 3. As with any standard three element design, this three element direct connect antenna utilizes a reflector and a director to achieve gain.
  • VHF / UHF Direct Connect Beams
    Here are some lengths and spacings for various direct connect beams.
  • Stacking Yagi Antennas
  • A Simple Seven Element Yagi Antenna
    A JavaScript that quickly calculates the dimensions for a seven element Yagi Antenna. Simply enter the frequency in Megahertz and the script will do the rest.
  • Yagi Antenna Design
    This site offers a free interactive design page to let hams design Yagi antennas for HF, VHF and UHF