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VHF Beams


VHF beams are popular projects--they are often small enough to be made out supplies easily obtained at the local hardware store.


  • Portable two element 6-Meter Yagi. Designed for quick set up and take down.
    QEX March/April 2003. pp. 57-60.  For improved FT8 use on 50.313 shorten the driven element 3/8" tip sections from 35.4 to 33.625 inches.  Shorten the 3/8" director tip sections from 31.5 to 31.25 inches.This should  lower the 50.0 to 50.5 MHz SWR  to 1.4 or better, modeled at a height of 20 feet.
  • 7dB for 7 Bucks (844,127 bytes, PDF file) 
    QST April 1993, pp. 54-55
    An inexpensive 3 element 2-meter Yagi made from PVC and welding rod. . 
  • Homebrewing a 6-Meter Yagi (from QEX RF column) 
    QEX January/February 1998, p. 52-57
    Enlarged Figure 6 with key dimensions. Zipped file with all figures and photos.
    In typical Zack Lau, W1VT fashion, the element and mounting clamps are machined, but good ol’ hose clamps and hardware store mast mountings will work on this 4-element antenna.
  • 2x3=6 (84,913 bytes, PDF file) 
    QST February 2000, pp. 34-36
    Two three-element 6-meter Yagi designs.
  • A Five-Element, 2-Meter Yagi for $20 (457,324 bytes, PDF file) 
    QST July 1999, pp. 34-37
    Get about 10dB from a modified Radio Shack FM broadcast receiving antenna.
  • An LPDA for 2 Meters Plus (839,246 bytes, PDF file) 
    QST October 2001, pp. 42-46
    This Log-Periodic Dipole Array (beam) antenna covers 130-170 MHz for those who also like monitoring.
  • Circular Polarization and OSCAR Communications (1,401,889 bytes, PDF file) 
    QST May 1980, pp. 11-15
    OSCAR users are switching to circular polarization to lessen signal fading. Build this low-cost antenna system and hear what you've been missing
  •   Small 70-cm Yagi (671,292 bytes, PDF file
    QEX July/August 2001. pp. 55-59
    A 6-element Yagi designed for a wide bandwidth.

Web Links

  • Controlled Impedance “Cheap” Antennas Kent WA5VJB’s computer optimized 144MHz to 1296MHz antennas with a clever asymmetrical feed.
  • The Quagi Antenna Turns 40 Wayne N6NB invented the Quagi, an easy to build cross between a Yagi and a Quad. The ease of obtaining parts has made this a popular choice for thousands of hams.
  • The Tiny 2
    The "Tiny 2" is a great little 2 meter beam. It has some really interesting properties and it is a fantastic first time antenna project for the beginner.
  • The Tiny 2+1
    Renamed the Tiny 3. As with any standard three element design, this three element direct connect antenna utilizes a reflector and a director to achieve gain.
  • VHF / UHF Direct Connect Beams
    Here are some lengths and spacings for various direct connect beams.
  • G0KSC Antennas
    Justin G0KSC has videos, photos, and drawings to assist hams homebrewing beam antennas.


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