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HF Mobile


HF mobile antennas can be a good project for the mechanically inclined--it is possible for the serious amateur to build antennas as efficient as commercial versions.


  • A Deluxe RV 5-Band Antenna
    QST October 1980, pp. 38-40
    Mount a fold over Hustler 4BTV on your RV for some serious 5 band HF mobiling.
  • Another Look at an Old Subject: The Bug Catcher
    QST December 1980, pp. 30-32
    A build it yourself 80- though 10-meter loaded vertical.
  • A $20 HF Mobile Antenna
    QST April 2000, pp. 33-35
    A few hours of fun with PVC and wire and you’ve got yourself a respectable mobile antenna for 20- through 6-meters.
  • The Alpha Special
    QST July 1969, pp. 26-29
    (Although this multiband horizontal antenna was designed for a 1960’s full size station wagon and not practical for a 21st century wagon, it should work well and look pleasing on mini-van. - Ed.)
  • Antennas for Travel Trailers and Campers
    QST March 1969, pp. 34-38
    Some antenna mounting solutions for recreational vehicles.

The Long and The Short of It:

The Connecticut Longhorn
QST August 1967, pp. 11-13.
Feedback QST September 1967, p. 76.
Technical Correspondence QST December 1967, p. 48
Horizontal 75-meter whip with remote tuning.
The Connecticut Shorthorn

QST April 1981, pp. 16-19.
A redesign in the "Longhorn" for the smaller cars of the years after the 1970s gasoline crunch.


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