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Transmission Lines


Understanding transmission lines is an important part of the art of radio--the proper selection and use of a feedline is often more important than the choice of radio. This is particularly true of multiband antennas fed with tuners--it is possible to lose several S-units of transmit signal strength by making poor decisions.



Web Links

Hardline connectors made out of copper plumbing hardware.  Installing PL-259s on aluminum CATV Hardline using a barrel connector and a copper pipe adapter.

Kenneth L. Nist, KQ6QV has free software for calculating arbitrary transmission line impedance, as well as transmission line equations for Mathcad 11.

atlc - Arbitrary Transmission Line Calculator (for transmission lines and directional couplers) by Dr. David Kirkby (G8WRB), who works at the department of Medical Physics, University College London.