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FCC Part 15 Enforcement Actions

FCC Enforcement Activities and Consumer Devices

Over the past several years, the FCC has been very active in pursuing complaints of harmful interference from unlicensed Part 15 devices. Those cases that involve the Amateur Radio Service are generally addressed cooperatively between the FCC, ARRL, the involved Part 15 device operator and the Amateur Radio operator. The FCC Part 15 regulations are clear that the manufacturers of unlicensed devices must meet the appropriate conducted - or radiated-emissions requirements and that the operators of those devices are responsible for resolving any harmful interference to radio services that might occur from their use.

The following list links to copies of the FCC fines and forfeitures sent to Part 15 device operators and manufactures.  In each case, these actions concern interference to a licensed radio service:

 The following list links to copies of the FCC enforcement letters sent to Part 15 device operators about harmful interference reports:

Date Type


Alarm Cartersville, GA
12-20-2004 Aquarium Heater Waldorf, MD
02-10-2005 Aquarium Light Waldorf, MD
02-12-2007 Air Filter

Gallipolis, OH

06-24-2004 Battery Charger Friendswood, TX 77546
08-10-2004 Battery Charger Friendswood, TX 77546
09-29-2004 Battery Charger Friendswood, TX 77546
07-07-2008 Broadcast Station Lubbock, TX
06-02-2003 Cordless Speakerphone Vienna, VA
06-02-2003 Cordless Phone Vienna, VA
01-18-2007 Cordless Phone Bethany, OK
02-16-2006 Digital Audio Devices
(Proposed Forfeiture)
Behringer USA, Inc
06-18-2012 Doorbell Transformer Address Withheld
02-10-2005 Electric Blanket
Consent Decree
Phoenix, AZ
03-07-2013 Electric Fence Address Withheld
03-05-2013 Electric Fence Address Withheld
01-30-2003 Electric Fence Hobe Sound, FL
03-24-2003 Electric Fence New Port Richey FL
03-25-2003 Electric Fence Boring, OR
05-12-2003 Electric Fence Odessa, FL
02-23-2004 Electric Fence Bailey, CO
06-22-2004 Electric Fence Odessa, FL
08-10-2004 Electric Fence Bailey, CO
06-22-2005 Electric Fence Kearneysville, WV
09-12-2005 Electric Fence Marstons Mills, MA
09-22-2005 Electric Fence Kearneysville, WV
11-08-2005 Electric Fence Concrete, WA
04-18-2006 Electric Fence Marstons Mills, MA
08-03-2006 Electric Fence Byron, IL
08-28-2006 Electric Fence Woodstock, NY
10-12-2006 Electric Fence White Salmon, WA
06-22-2009 Electric Fence Woodstock, NY
09-28-2009 Electric Fence Marstons Mills, MA
09-30-2009 Electric Fence Woodstock, NY
02-07-2005 Electronic Key System Grand Haven, MI
03-29-2005 Electronic Key System
(FCC Citation)
Grand Haven, MI
02-19-2005 Electronic Key System Grand Haven, MI
08-28-2006 Furnace Ignition System Lebanon, PA
06-30-2008 Industrial / Commercial Device (Car Wash) (Citation) Fortuna, CA
08-16-2004 Industrial/Commercial Equipment Andrews, TX
11-11-2004 Industrial/Commercial Equipment Andrews, TX
01-09-2006 Industrial/Commercial Equipment Prosser, WA
08-05-2005 Invisible Fence Randolph, NJ
01-20-2006 Invisible Fence Randolph, NJ
08-24-2005 Lighting Circuits Willoughby, OH
01-08-2013 Lighting Device
Address Withheld
05-22-2008 Lighting Device Phoenix, AZ
11-27-2007 Lighting Device Wind Gap, PA
02-23-2007 Lighting Device Wind Gap, PA
02-27-2007 Pet Locator, CSI (Forfeiture) Orange, CA
12-01-2003 Pond Pump South Jordan, UT
02-04-2004 Pond Pump South Jordan, UT
03-01-2007 Pump System Cincinnati, OH
05-31-2006 Rife/Bare Device Fairfield, OH
04-13-2006 Rife/Bare Device Fairfield, OH

Rife/Bare Device

Fairfield, OH

02-01-2012 Signage

Windsor, CO

08-21-2006 Swimming Pool Heater Controller Ormond Beach, FL
10-19-2006 Swimming Pool Heater Controller Ormond Beach, FL
01-22-2013 Television/Plasma Television Address Withheld
01-08-2013 Television/Plasma Television Address Withheld
07-20-2004 Television Mattawan, MI
11-01-2004 Television Mattawan, MI
09-18-2007 Television Edgwater, FL
03-30-2005 Television Antenna Preamplifier (Citation) Portland, OR
07-28-2009 Transmitter, Video (Citation) Brentwood, TN
03-07-2013 Unknown Device Address Withheld
01-09-2013 Unknown Device Address Withheld
01-09-2013 Unknown Device Address Withheld
12-10-2012 Unknown Device Address Withheld
11-02-2012 Unknown Device Address Withheld
08-01-2007 Unknown Device Eugene, OR
02-06-2008 Unknown Device Holmen, WI
01-29-2004 Unknown Consumer Device Folsom, CA
10-14-2004 Unknown Consumer Device Oklahoma City, OK
12-28-2004 Unknown Consumer Device Western Grove, AK
03-09-2005 Unknown Consumer Device La Jolla, CA
01-30-2007 Unknown Consumer Device Johnson City, TN
09-25-2009 Unknown Consumer Device North Myrtle Beach, SC
09-28-2009 Unknown Consumer Device Seymour, IN
03-19-2012 Unknown Consumer Device Addresss Withheld


Video Camera System

Anchorage, AK

08-24-2006 Video Camera System Tacoma, WA
08-03-2006 Water Pump Lake City, CO
04-23-2013 Water Pump (Citation) Pomona Park, FL
02-24-2006 Wireless Camera (Citation) Los Angeles, CA
06-28-2004 Wireless Microphones (Citation) Salem, OR


NOTE: Issuance by the FCC of a Warning Notice indicates that the FCC has what it believes to be reliable evidence of possible rules infractions and not necessarily that the recipient has violated FCC rules. The FCC has the authority, pursuant to §97.519(d)(2) of the rules to readminister any examination element previously administered by a volunteer examiner. These enforcement letters are representative of recent Advisory Notices, Warning Notices, Notices of Violation and other FCC communications to licensees and others involving possible serious rules violations. Unless otherwise indicated, all letters were signed by FCC Special Counsel for Amateur Radio Enforcement Laura L. Smith. This listing is not a comprehensive record of FCC Amateur enforcement actions. Follow-up correspondence will be published as provided. Address all inquiries regarding this correspondence to FCC Special Counsel Laura L. Smith,

Although the Commission expects and hopes that those responsible for unlicensed Part 15 emitters and related electrical equipment will voluntarily do what the rules require, they have followed up those cases that are not handled appropriately by the involved parties. The first step of this follow-up is generally an inquiry letter to device operator, from the Enforcement Bureau of the FCC. These letters explain the rules and the Commission's expectation that the operator of an unlicensed device must correct the harmful interference in a reasonable time frame.