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Vintage Gear - Restoring and Operating

Many hams enjoy the nostalgia of older ham-radio equipment. You can discuss restoring, collecting and operating vintage gear on this forum, sharing information and tips. Posts offering to sell or buy equipment are not permitted.

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Important Topics
Closed Sticky: Welcome to the vintage radio forum W1RFIAdmin Jul 29th 2011, 13:05 1 14,123 on 29/7/11
by W1RFIAdmin
Regular Topics
Open Switching Open Wire Feedline Bewtween a Transmitter and Receiver? WB1GCM Aug 8th 2011, 13:34 1 10,742 on 8/8/11
Open How to Remove Cigarette Smoke from a Newer Solid State Transceiver? WB1GCM Aug 8th 2011, 18:15 10 18,213 on 16/9/20
by KB1N
Open HTX-202 back up battery wd6ejn Mar 22nd 2016, 20:49 4 9,652 on 30/3/16
by W1VT
Open AF4K Crystals web store is now operational WD8DAS Apr 24th 2021, 21:52 1 5,628 on 24/4/21
Open AF4K Crystals to Re-Open WD8DAS Mar 5th 2021, 13:36 1 5,273 on 5/3/21
Open TS-950SDX issue WE5P Mar 2nd 2018, 19:05 3 7,814 on 28/3/19
by KC3NG
Open HW 100 Received Audio Distortion WVoo5Ham Mar 12th 2017, 13:33 2 8,006 on 13/3/17
by W1VT
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