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Antennas, feed lines, baluns and antenna tuners

This forum area is for discussions or Q&A related to antennas, feed lines, baluns, antenna tuners and antenna support structures, etc.

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Open Shortening wire antenna w8erd Jul 13th, 18:36 3 153 on 14/7/20
by w8erd
Open Fan Dipole Ladder Line W3NSH Jul 16th, 16:57 3 138 on 19/7/20
by AA6E
Open HYGain AV680 Vertical kylegmd Jul 24th, 12:13 1 93 on 24/7/20
by kylegmd
Open Vertical antenna using a wire as a radiator. What gauge? N1AUP Jul 23rd, 08:17 3 158 on 24/7/20
by AI4BJ
Open Unusual Antenna issue kc4rp Jul 28th, 18:15 1 128 on 28/7/20
by kc4rp
Open Why won't my ARRL designed vertical tune on 20? N1AUP Aug 1st, 06:47 7 194 on 8/8/20
by W1VT
Open 2m antenna ground necessary? GaryPEv Sep 10th, 17:32 3 54 2 weeks, 2 days ago
by GaryPEv
Open Antenna launchers WB7AEA Sep 8th, 15:57 3 62 2 weeks, 1 day ago
Open Radials VK4ARC Sep 14th, 20:12 3 72 1 week, 4 days ago
Open Antenna for a Yaesu FT991a Transceiver KJ7PVJ Sep 24th, 13:10 4 29 2 days, 5 hours ago
by W1VT
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