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Software in Amateur Radio

This is a generalized form for the discussion of various software products, programming, operating systems and such. Only posts directly related to Amateur Radio should be made, however.

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Open Chirp Problems N4LCV May 23rd 2016, 20:24 2 1,948 on 24/5/16
by W1VT
Open ARRL QST Android app is Potentially Dangerous NS6Q Jul 9th 2016, 22:01 5 2,062 on 20/7/16
Open Aircraft Radar Dongle Software W6FGH Aug 23rd 2016, 17:58 2 1,848 on 26/8/16
by W1VT
Open MAC Logging Software? W1XY Sep 29th 2016, 19:27 5 2,294 on 22/5/17
by kj6msg
Open Any Software that runs on a MAC tvmorton2016 Jul 13th 2017, 11:00 2 1,416 on 13/7/17
by W1VT
Open flrig / fldigi and IC-706mkIIG KC1HEP Aug 28th 2017, 13:46 2 1,375 on 28/8/17
by W1VT
Open Using TH-D72A software on a Mac N6XVT Oct 17th 2017, 13:30 4 1,123 on 21/10/17
by N6XVT
Open Trouble with CH5 Code AB1ZK Nov 10th 2017, 22:28 3 1,460 on 11/11/17
by AB1ZK
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