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QRP/Tent Camping/Day Hiking - NNY

Jan 4th, 19:23


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In search of a QRP/camping/hiking partner.

Hello All,
While I have an AE ticket, I still a novice to mid-level QRP operator. Looking to try to find a partner for QRP, day or two-day and tent camping partner. Currently live on Fort Drum in NY. Feel free to contact me at

Now that that is out of the way: I have two QRP rigs, but the main one is the iCOM 703, with a buddipole antenna system. I use a goal0 (that's goal zero) battery and solar charger for power. I have done backpack QRP stuff with limited sucess. I have done a lot of camping (tent and cabin) which was a wonderful strees relief. I used to do a lot of backpacking and camping. Now I am looking to combine at three. I am planning ahead for when it gets warm. . . I am looking for tips, advice, hits etc along the line of backpack camping (one or two night) with a radio. Clearly there are weight considerations and you have to add in a tent, food, and of course the radio. Having a partner helps big time! Any tips?

I want to try to camp/hike in an area that takes less than four to five hours to drive to; within range of a local VHF/UHF repeater; can use DSTAR and/or APRS for tracking, etc. While I do not yet have a small tent that is truly back-packable, I am searching. I want to do about 3 weekend trips (camping) and a bunch of hiking, stopping, operation, and returning types trips when the snow melts.

Feb 10th, 21:36


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I attempted to e-mail you at the contact provided, but it bounced. I am looking at creating a rig for the same purpose and was wondering what kind of GoalZero set up you had and approximately how much your rig weighed. Would you mind posting a usable e-mail address?


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