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Icom IC-71 6M rig schematic?

Aug 2nd 2011, 15:40


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An ARRL Member writes in:

I recently acquired an Icom IC-71 Transceiver in excellent condition. The unit fully appears to be functional; except that the original microphone is missing. The microphone that came with the unit is wired in the usual manner for Icom's 4 pin connectors, I believe the IC-71 microphone is different for this transceiver. I would like to obtain a diagram for the IC-71 microphone connector well as a schematic for the intenral microphone connector wiring. I have searched Internet in vain. Could you be of any assistance as the transceiver is in exceptional condition and I do not wish to damage it. It is dated 1970. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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