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nxtbook android file - very large size com.nxtbook.arrl

Mar 26th 2014, 08:55


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I was looking through my Samsung Galaxy Android Tablet GT-5110, running a 4.2.2 android and found that there is file called com.nxtbook.arrl that has a size of 1.3GB.
I find that particularly large, actually the largest file any app is using in my tablet. Why it is so large? I would request that to be minimized. Is it for the reason of downloaded QST-versions? I have only 5 downloaded in the tablet, so occupying 1.3GB for that is a lot of data and would be beneficial to offer users to store that data on memory card instead of device memory.

Second issue is why there is no option to store ARRL app on the memory card instead of system flash memory?

Third issue is the web site informs there is a bug reading the QST in Samsung Galaxy, but at least I can read without problems. Would be beneficial to understand more than that there is a bug, but what is concerned and what versions of Android and ARRL app it affects.



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