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Mar 30th 2014, 04:45


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Thought I'd try this forum out. Unfortunately it has to be on a negative note. This is re the contest heard on Hf today (03/29/2014). I wasn't a participant personally but I did surf several bands for new band/country contacts (10m thru 20m). For several hours I noticed one station repeatedly spotting Dx I needed but found the spotter was the one working the freq. I challenged the operator and he went qrt after trying to claim it was just a logging error. Unlikely I think.

On the list of wrongs going around today this struck me as laughable, but after thinking about it for a while it started to get under my skin. The dozens and dozens of good hams puting in many hours of effort for the enjoyment of ham radio were being undercut by this guy.

Cheaters piss me off, that's all. All of them. It was a club station so I don't even know the operator's name. 'Course, I don't really know the president of the United State's name, do I?

I logged the contact and have the pertinent info. Don't know if it's worth following up. I think the club should be disqualified from contesting for a while. What do you think?
Apr 4th 2014, 16:08


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The contest was sponsored by CQ Magazine. The ARRL does not govern that contest and cannot disqualify the station. Feel free to write to CQ magazine's contest editor.

Bob Allison
ARRL Test Engineer

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