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Antenna Tuners

Apr 1st, 16:02


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I'm looking into getting an Icom IC-7100, which means I'll also need to look into getting an antenna tuner. I'd like to get one antenna tuner, and not have to ever worry about needing a different one. That said, I was checking out an MFJ HF+6m, roller tuner:

And it looks like this thing will do everything. My question is, can I also use it to tune Full Wave Loop antennas? I saw that they have loop tuners at MFJ as well, and didn't know if that's one antenna that shouldn't, or cannot be used with a standard tuner.

Matthew, K1BBB
Apr 2nd, 13:32


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The MFJ loop tuners are specialty tuners for tuning low loss transmitting loops that are under a quarter wave in circumference. They clearly aren't for everyone--the tuning range is quite limited for a given transmitting loop size, and need to be mounted at the loop feedpoint to obtain good results.

Before purchasing any MFJ product, I suggest downloading the manual.
The manual clearly talks about antenna situations that this tuner will have difficulty.

Zack Lau W1VT
ARRL Senior Lab Engineer

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