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Thanks to all the Elmers here!

Aug 2nd 2011, 21:18


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One of the main reasons that ARRL wanted to create the technology forums was to provide a way for ARRL members to answer other ARRL members' questions. While HQ staff are pretty sharp in a lot of areas, no one can know it all, and when it comes to some of the specialized questions, there are a lot of you that can provide a lot of etail and information in response to a question.

Because of the friendly Elmers who have found this forum and have taken the time to answer questions, this is working as well as I could have imagined. The answers are good ones, and when HQ staff adds to them, or someone adds to answer provided by the HQ staff, the end result is that an ARRL member gets an answer that comes from the best our our best. The posts here have all been made in the truest spirit of the friendly and helpful nature of Amateur Radio in a way that reflects well on all of us.

I just wanted to take the time and to put this expression of my appreciation to all who help right at the top of this forum, and leave it there as a reminder that the time that some of you are putting in to help is making a difference, in the depth of answers that members are getting, but also in taking some of the workload off of the HQ staff. We've already been able to work on some new things, such as rebuilding the test room we use to measure conducted noise from noisy devices.

Please accept this thank you from the ARRL Lab staff to all who post and answer questions!

Ed Hare, W1RFI
Technical forums moderator

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